Birthday In St Barts

We are now in St Barts but the busy little island, just 3 miles across, is full of huge boats and people, so not really our taste!

Busy!! Lots Of AIS Triangles In Gustavia, St Barts

The 75 miles took a little longer than expected as it was quite calm and we were doodling along at under 5 knots. Eventually we had to use the engine to ensure we arrived in Gustavia in daylight and in the end we anchored at 1730 having left Antigua at 0230. It wasn’t easy finding a space to anchor, so we ended up near the back of the anchorage in the NE corner in 11 metres of clear water.

Dinghy Dock & Mega Yachts

It has been interesting checking out the big boats nearby though and they made quite a display last night with all their lights. At 0630 this morning there were crew on deck of our neighbour, cleaning away. In fact, all the crew seem to do is polish.

Early Morning Polishing

Today is my birthday and thanks everyone who sent ecards and messages on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚ Rob is looking after me and we are out to lunch in one of the creperies here. The town is very pretty but as it is the St Barts Bucket week, very busy. Customs was quick and easy with our records saved from 2 years ago. The port officers were very friendly and spoke excellent english. It cost 23 euros to clear in. The dinghy docks are great, with plenty of space and metal bars to lock up to. Recycling bins are nearby and yachts are well catered for.

Gustavia Anchorage - Not Much Room

Whilst picking up emails we had one from our son, Owen, changing all our plans. He had fortunately checked the BA website and saw a notice cancelling his LIAT flight from the BVI to Antigua. So, no point going to the BVI if they can’t get their flight back!! We have asked BA to refund both LIAT flights but have to wait until after the BA flights are used apparently. I’ve got a bad feeling about all this but watch this space … He will probably turn up at Gatwick to find he and his cousin are off the BA flights to Antigua as well ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, being optimistic for now, we will check out St Martin, Saba, Statia and Nevis before returning to Antigua and not go on to the BVI.

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