Birthday Celebrations

Since Kym arrived we have spent nearly all our time at anchor in beautiful, quiet bays.

Pillars Restaurant, Admiral's Inn in Nelson's Dockyard

The three of us decided it would be more memorable if we celebrated Kym’s 31st birthday in Nelson’s Dockyard with a wider choice of good bars and restaurants. We paid for 3 nights at anchor in Falmouth at the Port Authority desk in Nelson’s Dockyard and the 16 GBP included the refuse fee and park entrance.

Kym Tucking In!

As Kym had never tasted lobster, this was a must and fortunately the Admiral’s Inn offered a choice of simply grilled lobster or thermidor style. The service was excellent, as was the food and ambience. You would be hard pressed to beat the location right on the water’s edge surrounded by naval history. Hamilton’s is another lovely place but we just had wine in their comfortable bar before moving on for our meal. Their menu looked great too and we were tempted to stay! On our way to the dockyard we tried the Pina Coladas at the Mad Mongoose, just by Falmouth Marina. We had cinnamon pancakes and champagne for breakfast, as you do! All in all a whole day of celebrating ☺

View From Shirley Heights Lookout - (Beyz is all alone in the top right bay)

It didn’t end there, as on Sunday we joined the throng of people at the famous Shirley Heights BBQ and music evening to watch the sun go down. The view from the lookout is superb and in the distance we could see Beyzano bobbing about on her own in Falmouth Harbour just beyond English Harbour. The taxi cost 6 GBP return and there was a large range of BBQ food to purchase, including jerk chicken, ribs and veggie burgers all with salad and potato salad. Prices ranged from 6 GBP upwards, it cost 5 GBP each to get in and a beer was 2 GBP. A steel pan band kicked the entertainment off, followed by a good reggae group singing classics for the predominantly middle aged British audience and the one we hear every time, ‘No Woman, No Cry’.

Let The Fun Commence!

It was a lovely evening, with a great atmosphere and definitely one to do at least once. Sadly some last minute low clouds hid the green flash, as so often happens but we have all seen the illusive flash now, so we weren’t too upset. Our taxi driver was waiting for us, having said we could pay him for both trips on the way back and we found the boat despite our dim torch needing new batteries.

What The Crowd Had Waited For - But No Green Flash

The next day we sailed west again and then north along the coast back to Jolly Harbour, just to get more water (3 of us have used 2 tanks over the last 8 days), stock up on food and visit the fish and chip bus again. This is such a brilliant place to eat as it is really good fun to sit in the red double decker bus.

Fish, Coconut Shrimps, Chips, Mushy Peas and Fried Gherkins - Yum

The fish or shrimp with homemade chips and tartare sauce are delicious, served in a basket lined with greaseproof paper, just like the 1970’s! Fish and chips cost less than 9 GBP and the ‘Mix’ of fish and shrimps cost 11. A selection of drinks is also available. They are open every day from 4pm and are about a 15 minute walk from Jolly Harbour.

Bit Hot For Eating On The Bus This Time!

Tomorrow we head into North Sound to spend the last few days of Kym’s holiday in the reef strewn bays for lots of swimming and snorkelling. She might even try diving 🙂

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