UV Strip Complete And Heading North Again!

In Stitches finished our lovely new UV strip yesterday, at a cost of 700 GBP. It is the same dark navy as our other UK canvas now and looks very smart!

Howard & Wendy From 'Blue Moon'

This morning we hoisted the genoa in gusty winds with it flapping all over the place. I sometimes think Rob will be whisked overboard one day 🙂 Without the electric winch it would have taken much longer, so we were very grateful to have this one powered winch, which we also use for hoisting the mainsail.

The Slipway Bar & Restaurant

Whilst waiting in Tyrrel Bay, friends have come and gone. Blue Moon were here a few days, then Ile Jeudi, Tasha Delek, Flyin’ Low and Nanook were also in for a couple of days. We played Mexican Train Dominoes again, this time in the Slipway where they have a weekly session on Wednesdays at 1400.

Dominoes Session On Beyzano

So we have just cleared out and will head for an overnight stop in Bequia, anchoring at the back of the mooring field so we can leave again at about 0400 to get into St Lucia’s Rodney Bay by dusk. It is always incredibly gusty around the north of St Vincent, so we want to avoid being there in the dark if we can help it!

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