Sailing North Again!

Happily, we are back in Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou, one of our favourite islands and as our UV strip on the genoa needs repairing or replacing, we are here for at least 10 days. Our next ‘appointment’ is Antigua for 8 March when our daughter flies in, so we should have plenty of time.

Dennis & Paula At 'Sails' Just Before Going Home

Just after Dennis and Paula left, friends we haven’t seen in almost 2 years, called us on the radio saying they had heard us the day before booking the taxi to the airport! So we met up with Adrian and Claire from Flyin’ Low in Sails on the Carenage, our third visit to the lovely restaurant in 2 days ☺ Mutual friends from ‘Quadrille’ were also in town and joined us. We all turned up in our dinghies at the same time, in a rain shower – so much for getting dressed up for lunch!

Sails Bar & Restaurant, St George's Carenage

Whilst in St George’s we saw a great example of how the navigation system here can confuse, when the charter yacht ‘GirlsForSail’ went aground in the harbour. The red buoys to their right should have been to port (left) when leaving the port. It is the opposite in Europe but here it has to be Red Right Returning, so red buoys on the left when leaving, a rule the girls have learned we hope, before getting into more tricky reef strewn bays. Lately a couple of boats have sent maydays from the reefs, so it isn’t a rare occurrence.

'GirlsForSail' Aground in St George's Harbour

We had a tougher sail north this time, with the wind more northeasterly and were not able to sail straight into the bay. It took about 4.5 hours to go south but 7 to get back here! After some brisk sailing, very close to the wind at 45 degrees, we motored the last couple of miles after tacking, as it was past 4pm and we wanted to get anchored up in good time for sunset. We worked our way in and found a sandy spot in 4.5 metres but snorkelling revealed a lot of junk on the seabed, such as an old generator, huge pipes and concrete sleepers, so in the morning we moved once a few boats had left. At least, with the turnover of yachts, moving to a better spot is easy.

View From Sails - Adjacent Dinghy Dock & Carenage Beyond

‘In Stitches’ is a sail maker here and will take a look at our genoa on Monday. A new UV strip, if we want it to be dark navy like our other UK canvas, will have to be shipped from Miami and that takes a week. It is almost 6 years old and has had a good roasting in the Caribbean sun, so due for replacing.

So for now we will do all those little tasks on the list, such as changing the outboard anode, checking the medical bag for out of date items and generally not taxing ourselves too much. The water is very clear here and we need to up our exercise levels following 3 months of socialising, eating and drinking too much. We also need to eat a bit more healthily this month. Rob is not looking forward to it at all ☺

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2 Responses to Sailing North Again!

  1. martin and lucy says:

    hi, love your blog. we bought a 473 in southampton last summer and are readying it for cruising. blogs like yours spur us on-can’t wait to be living the dream as you two obviously are!! thank you.

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks for your kind comments and congratulations on getting so close to making your dreams a reality! All the best with your preparations – exciting times and the 473 is a brilliant boat 🙂

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