More Diving, More Eating & Independence Day!

Jane Good just sent us this photo from our tour of St Lucia last June but definitely one to publish!

Warm Volcanic Mud To Cleanse & Soften The Skin

Yesterday I completed my 50th dive and was rewarded with sharks, stingrays and bubbles rising from the seabed 🙂

Me! Taken By Arawak Divers, Carriacou

We used both the dive operators here, Arawak and Lumbidive and both were great. For the first dive I accompanied Christine from Quadrille on a pretty reef dive. Then yesterday, Rob and I did a 2 tank dive and saw a huge nurse shark sleeping under a ledge, tasty lobsters, 3 stingrays and a big barracuda. The sea was rough at the surface, so we needed to descend quite quickly to the calmer water below and then we had a wonderful time viewing the colourful corals and sponges. Between dives Lumbidive served homemade cookies too!

Supporting Grenada's Independence Day In National Colours

Life is still good in Tyrrel Bay as we wait for our new UV strip. It was Grenada’s 40th Year of Independence yesterday and we bought T-shirts to celebrate with them. Many locals waved and were happy to see us join in. One man rows out to the anchorage every day, trying to sell fruit and take your garbage. He spent 20 minutes alongside telling us about his life and complaining bitterly about some people who wanted to pay him less for a job due to the fact they had spent more on coffees and going out than expected. He was very unhappy and repeated ‘it is not fair a rich man make a poor man pay’ and you could see his point, bless him.

The ‘Fruit Lady’ is still here, selling fresh produce from her stall on the waterfront. She gives us a big hug whenever we arrive in the bay, which makes us feel very much at home.

Says It All!

Currently in the Yacht Club which has been updated by new owners. The Iguana Bar is really nice, with excellent, fast WiFi on hand and tables shaded from the hot sun.

Yacht Club Bar

Last night, just before sunset when it is a little cooler, we went for a long walk to the SW tip of the island. It is quite rural inland, with a lot of animals and cleared land. We were approached by a tall man, (nearly everyone is tall compared to us!) carrying a 3 foot machete but strangely, we remarked afterwards, we didn’t think anything of it at all, feeling very safe here. He was just interested to know where we came from and invited us to walk further down a track to the beach.

Field Of Sheep With Tails Down (Goats Look The Same But Tails Up!)

The piglets were sweet and it was good to see cows too, although I’m not sure why you can only get fresh milk here on Mondays.

Mother Pig Watching Us

We are feeling quite cold during the nights these days, being winter time and even have to sleep under the duvet cover. Haven’t had to resort to the actual duvet though. We have finally had some rain, a welcome event here after a few week’s of none. You could see it out to sea too.

Definitely Raining Out There!

We have been doing a few tasks and I remembered to take a photo of our new outboard fins. They help us get up on the plane faster and more easily, saving fuel. They only cost 20 GBP and were easy to fit and so far, they certainly do work.

Newly Fitted Fins - Go Dinghy Go!

We had a lovely meal last Sunday at The Slipway, where for 6 GBP per head we had perfectly cooked tuna and tenderloin of port, with a delicious salad. Wonderful place we return to time and time again. We took the bus into Hillsborough and stocked up on creamy blue cheese and a gouda with herbs at Patty’s Deli. Daniella from The Slipway is tracking down Ellie for us, as she produces wonderful smoked tuna and marlin, all frozen and vacuum packed for the freezer. It slices like ham and gives a great smokey taste to pasta dishes and fish pie.

It hasn’t all been enjoying ourselves though. We cleaned the hull and have done half the dinghy hull too, replaced the water system accumulator as the second one had cracked and sprung a leak. The latest was brought from Grenada within 24 hours and we were glad to see they have changed the design. Perhaps it will last longer than 3 years this time!

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