Few Days In St Lucia

Having spent so much time here in the past, we naturally settled back in straight away. Not a lot has changed, just one new and very nice frozen food supplier on the Rodney Bay Marina site. The Ocean Club is still shut and must have missed a lot of income over the ARC period but it is being refurbished now.

Pigeon Island & Anchorage Rodney Bay

The bay is busier than when we left in July, due to being high season but there is still a lot of room to anchor. Finding a patch of sand to stay put in is the key and sunshine helps with that. We ended up close to Sandals Resort and have been entertained by their guests on hobie cats and quite nice music during the early evenings.

Sandals - Provided Nice Romantic Music For Valentine's Evening On Our Boat

Sunsail and Moorings have moved their base from Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay, so the marina is more full than usual too. At 0645 on Sunday it was quiet and the ideal time for us to Skype with Steve, who was with us for 3 weeks in March last year. None of us can believe another year has almost gone by since then and we hope he will be able to join us for a tour of different islands next year.

Sunsail & Moorings Now Based In Rodney Bay Marina

On Saturday evening we met up with our friends from ‘Badger’s Sett’ and ‘Nyda’ for a meal in the Jambe de Bois. It has been done up since July and looks great. New washrooms! They serve well cooked local food for reasonable prices and the artwork, comfy old sofas and book swap lend a lovely atmosphere. Good WiFi too. You need to get to their dinghy dock after 1700 though or the National Park wardens will want you to pay the park fee as they no longer believe people who say they are only going to the restaurant!

The Cut Through To Rodney Bay Lagoon

Coming through the ‘Cut’ into the Marina Lagoon always reminds us of how hard it was to find against the blaze of hotel lights, that dark evening when we arrived after the Atlantic Crossing in December 2011. It is so narrow! There aren’t any moorings outside in the bay but the marina has a few within the lagoon for rent. Some people leave their boats on them during the hurricane season as it is cheaper than the marina.

Dinghy Dock & Marina Boardwalk - Quiet At 0645!

There were 3 men liming by the mall dinghy dock today when we turned up to stock up at the 2 supermarkets. One had even brought a chair ☺ For new arrivals it can be a bit intimidating but firmly saying ‘we are fine, thanks’ usually does the trick. If you hand your dinghy line to an offered hand, it will cost you a few dollars. There is a good range of food in the supermarket but some items cost a fortune and not only in this island. Blue Cheese was over 7 pounds for a small pack and we bought pine nuts for a recipe we found, without checking the price – almost 9 GBP for 100g. Ouch! We also found wasabi paste for our future tuna catches but decided against the stuffed olives at 7 GBP a jar.

Cafe Ole - Before Opening On Sunday

Café Ole still has excellent WiFi, a long bar facing a wall with several plug sockets for your laptop and they still make wonderful iced lattes and mango parfait with honey drenched crunchy granola for breakfast. As you can tell, one of our favourite places!

We called Sparkle up on Ch. 16 and they picked up our 2 loads of laundry, saying ‘welcome back’ when we called and we haven’t been here since July. Washed, dried and folded it came back today and cost around 16 GBP. We got another friendly reception, with a big hug, from our usual taxi driver, Linus. Admittedly we do spend money with a lot of those glad to see us but we do still try to find out about their lives and hope we aren’t just another ‘walking wallet’ as one of our friends said he felt he was.

And Another Lovely Sunset

The Avon dinghy has gone in to the Liferaft and Dinghy Centre on the north side of the cut, for a repair to the floor and after that we will try to sell it. Our water tanks are full, so are our 3 gas bottles, fridge and freezer, so we are ready to leave later in the week for Martinique, then Dominica and on to the Saintes for a couple of days.

Today, we are Skyping again as my youngest, Owen, is 26! Happy Birthday ☺

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