Happy New Year!!

Been a busy time over the Christmas week with plenty of great social events.

Happy Start To 2014!

Sadly Christmas Eve brought misery and loss of life during the most dramatic thunderstorm we have ever seen. The first clap of thunder shook us as we left Secret Harbour for a brilliant evening at De Big Fish with Bob and Lin from Ile Jeudi.

We got back to our boats before the storm really started but Rob was out on deck in the early hours watching the lightning flashing every couple of seconds. It rarely came vertically to earth where we are but seemed to flash across the clouds. It went on for hours, we filled our water tanks and were not hit.

In St Vincent and St Lucia the torrential rain brought mudslides with loss of life. Days later they were in desperate need of water, as their drinking water has been contaminated by dead animals. A group of cruisers took donated food and water a few days ago but the situation is still dire.


Here we continued with our Christmas lunch, unaware of the events higher up the island chain and managed to cook it all on two small gas rings and in the tiny oven but it all came together! Christmas Pudding was quickly cooked in the steamer, served with whipped Cointreau cream and we had a box of Terry’s chocolates too. It’s amazing what you can get here. We had a lovely day and toasted our much missed family and friends.

Bob and Lin All Dressed Up!

Last night we celebrated Old Years Eve/New Year with a crowd of friends and cruisers at De Big Fish. They always show the UK Big Ben countdown and fireworks as Ricky knows most cruisers don’t stay up late! For less than 100 GBP for the 2 of us, we had a 3 course meal, bottle of champagne, drinks on arrival, a bottle of wine and I had lobster. The singer and sax player were also excellent.

Back on the boat we stayed up until local midnight and watched 5 different fireworks displays rising up over the hillsides. Spectacular and a great end to the evening.

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