Sun, Salt and Heat Damage

As we approach our 2 year anniversary of Beyzano being in the Caribbean, we can see the damage the sun is doing.

At Least Beyzano Is Cool!

Glue tends not to stand up to the heat, so even a 6 month old iPad case has fallen apart. Other items include soles falling off trainers, headlining coming unstuck, UV strip fading fast, sprayhood plastic degrading, clothes fade quickly and everything gets bleached. Until people started mentioning it I hadn’t realised how blonde my hair has gone but at least you can’t see the grey! The hatches get brittle and crazed. Zips get clogged up with salt and eventually corrode and break. Your eyes also need a lot of protection, especially blue ones, we were told.

We also decided to visit Dr Jenny Issacs, a dermatologist here, as we both had noticed new brown moles of irregular shape and I was especially worried about one Rob hadn’t bothered to check in the UK. For 25 GBP each we received a full check over and advice plus the welcome news that all were benign. I forget to put sunscreen on my hands and sometimes get caught out walking more than planned around midday but overall she said we were doing well.

Sunset BBQ

The boat awnings we try to cower under when the sun is out, also help to keep the decks cool and therefore the inside too.

Yesterday we hung up the solar Christmas lights all around the cockpit, so we now sit in a grotto of blue lights, really festive 🙂

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2 Responses to Sun, Salt and Heat Damage

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    I know what you mean about the heat! Our headlining has come down all over the place – the westerly droop exacerbated! Also, the caulking has gone on the teak decks so we are having that replaced in the Spring. I think that we will be buying a cover at the boat show as you’re right about the effects of the sand and sun. We put covers on the hatches when we are away to stop the crazing getting any worse. The price to pay for fab weather!

  2. Rhian says:

    Thankfully Beneteau only put a couple of inches of headlining at the very sides of the cabins, so you can only see it when it droops down! Friends with another 473 just took theirs off, so we may well do the same.

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