Snug In Secret Harbour

We are still in the same spot, in tranquil Mount Hartman, except for this morning when a 30 knot squall came through. At least our anchor was well tested and we caught a tank of fresh water!

Mount Hartman

It cleared up just in time for the monthly boat jumble, where we sold a fender mat, steamer and C-map charts, amongst other things. We managed not to spend all we made!

Boat Jumble

There are boats of so many nationalities here, many staying for Christmas and it is great to mix with lots of different people, to share stories of our cruising lives. Boats with flags from South Africa, Norway, Canada and the UK are all our new neighbours.

New friends, Barry and Robyn came over to see us and Robyn and I joined the Mount Airy Young Readers programme yesterday, a place I helped out in last March. It is good to see the same youngsters still giving up their Saturday morning to learn to read.

On Friday we took a 2 tank dive with Dive Grenada, the first time since May when we had to pay and fall off the side of the boat! A special offer was advertised on the Grenada cruisers facebook page and it was too good to miss. The water and reef was cloudy compared to Bonaire but there is an unusually long spell of northerly swells churning up the sand currently.

New Inverter

I am still without a laptop but managing on the iPad for now. Our newly fitted inverter is brilliant, letting us charge laptops and use equipment up to 700 watts, so items like a hand blender. We fitted it under the port stern bunk.

Side View Switched On

Rob wired it into the nearby battery via a circuit breaker. Our old can type inverter was too small and overheated when we tried charging the laptop.

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  1. Dennis & Paula says:

    Feel free to try and sell the facnor furling drum & top swivel at the next boat jumble. We can spend any funds on Rum etc in January.

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