Merry Christmas! Nadolig Llawen!

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and a good 2014!

Reindeer In The Botanical Gardens Grenada!

The countdown to Christmas has begun here, much later than in the UK. You can still book for Christmas Day lunch, there is just one stand in the supermarket with special chocolate and no queues 🙂

A group of cruisers went to the concert at the Botanical Gardens in St George’s, a good evening with lots of lights in the gardens and great music, some of it very loud! But tissues in the ears seemed to help.

When The Music Gets Too Loud ..

Yesterday we met my cousin, Gwyneth, for the first time when she arrived with her friends, Clive and Pat on their P&O Caribbean cruise. She kindly brought us a M&S iced Christmas cake and cranberry jelly, something we miss at this time of year.

St George's With 'Their' Ship Ventura In The Distance

It was a lovely day and wonderful to meet them all. Shademan took us on quick tour of the south west of Grenada on the way to Beyzano and all too soon they had to head back to the ship before she left for the voyage to St Lucia.

Clive, Pat and Gwyneth on Beyzano!

We hope they enjoy the rest of the cruise and have a great time in all the islands along the way.

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas! Nadolig Llawen!

  1. Peter, Laura & Scarlett says:

    Nadolig Llawen to all aboard Beyzano, happy cruising in 2014, fair winds keep well and safe along the way.
    From a little haven in North Wales being battered by wind,rain,& hail.
    All the Best.

  2. Gwyneth says:

    Lovely photos – didn’t think l would be on your blog! It was a very unforgettable day meeting you both at the super Marina followed by the tour of Grenada and thank you for hosting us on Beyzano so many lovely memories. The cruise was fantastic with super weather – we realize why you are enjoying the Caribbean so much. Just returned home today 4th Jan. freezing here!! Have a wonderful 2014 relaxing in the sun.

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