Dinghy Concert & Christmas Party

The last Saturday of term signalled party time for the 70 or so children of the Mount Airy Readers group and a good time was had by all!

They sang carols about snow and then almost had the real thing, courtesy of one cruiser who had found artificial snow, activated by water. The kids went crazy, throwing snowballs!

School Christmas Party!

A huge feast was supplied, with rum for the adult volunteers and we played musical chairs until presents were handed out. The children appreciated the small gifts and it was wonderful to see their faces. The gold tinsel we had on our tree in the Cotswolds was now cut into lots of pieces to adorn the girls, again with great enthusiasm.

Dinghy Concert

On Sunday we dinghied round a couple of bays to attend the dinghy concert at Le Phare Bleu. About 40 dinghies turned up, rafted up to the floating barge, stage and bar and enjoyed great music and a brilliant atmosphere.

Even The Dog Wore Sunglasses!

We have a Christmas market this weekend and the following I am meeting one of my cousins for the first time, as she sails in on a P&O ship, brilliant timing. We have been corresponding for years but have never met. How weird it should be in Grenada!

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2 Responses to Dinghy Concert & Christmas Party

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi to you both.
    Sounds like you have summered well in the ABC’s have been following your hurricane season activity with interest as we are thinking of doing the same next year., and would be interested to know the facts? But can’t find you e-mail address.
    It you have time weeould love to hear from you,
    Wendy & Graham

  2. Rhian says:

    We still use sailing@beyzano.com, so please go ahead and send us any questions and we’ll try to help. See you when our paths cross over!

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