Week With Friends

Freda and John arrived from the UK last week and joined us on Monday.

Port Louis Marina

We decided to treat ourselves to 5 nights of luxury at Port Louis marina in the capital, St George’s, with use of the pool, hot en-suite showers and serviced laundry with hot water washes!

En Suites With Hot Water!!

We also cleaned the red Bonairean dust off the boat, treated the teak and polished up the stainless steel. This needs cleaning every 3 months and the higher grade the steel, the dirtier it gets! The number 1 bus took us to the big IGA supermarket for 1.25 GBP, where I even found black treacle and Waitrose pastry twists! The tanoy was playing Christmas carols, unfortunately sung by the cartoon chipmunks!

Carenage From The Marina

Our week with our friends took us to the Isle de Ronde for lunch and on to Carriacou, where we also caught up with old friends and visited the new customs office in Tyrrel Bay. A trip on the bus into Hillsborough to tour the museum and buy smoked marlin at Patti’s deli was followed by fresh juice at the cafe overlooking the bay. Next was lunch in the Slipway back in Tyrrel Bay, with fresh seared tuna for just 6 pounds. Bliss!

We had hoped to take a mooring at Sandy Island to snorkel but only 3 buoys remain of the original 20 and they were taken. Perhaps they are breaking free, a worry! The area is a marine protected bay so you can’t anchor. If they keep making areas protected, then the moorings really have to be maintained. Returning south we sailed down the eastern side of Grenada this time, making it easier to coast west between the bays. A squall hit us on arrival into St David’s making it interesting with low visibility. All the buoys are in position there though. The buoys cost 4 GBP a night and dumping rubbish is free.

Peaceful St David's Harbour

Today we took a dinghy ride to 2 of the other bays and saw several boats we know. Currently we are behind the reefs in Mount Hartman Bay, which is quiet following the mass exodus of the US yachts at the end of their official hurricane season. Many head back home for thanksgiving. Both outer sets of buoys are missing coming into Mount Hartman, not very helpful.

Steel Pan At Prickly Bay

The bay has several moorings, with empty boats and the marina is also quiet. The laundry is 2.50 GBP per cold water wash, garbage is 2 GBP per small bag and the bar has free WiFi. A short walk to Prickly Bay to hear a steel pan band and guitarist was well worth it and the marina there has a wonderful new stage, internet booths with power and Ethernet cables above each table, a really excellent facility. Their pizzas are delicious too! The local businesses are still offering a great range of events, such as jazz brunch in Whisper Cove, tai chi on the beach and screening the Grand Prix. No doubt there will be plenty to do at Christmas, so we will stay here this year.

Sadly John and Freda’s time with us was all too short and their BA flight flew over the top of us last night. We did wave 🙂

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4 Responses to Week With Friends

  1. Quinn says:

    So sorry we missed you in Grenada.
    We caught the wind to Dominica.
    I am sure we all will meet up soon and enjoy a cuppa.
    The Quinnster

  2. Rhian says:

    Us too! We stayed in St George’s and couldn’t raise you on 68. Hope to see you somewhere along the way. Give Quinn a hug!

  3. Malc & Nikki says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if there is a weight limit of most of the buoys you are referring to? We’re not 57′ and about 25 ish tons so just wondering if we’re looking at 100% anchoring or if their buoys are designed for larger boats?

    thanks as always for the blog updates. 2yrs and counting the days for us now 🙂


  4. Rhian says:

    Hi Guys

    In the Grenada marine park you can’t anchor and the buoys don’t have weight limits on them, as they do in the Saintes, where they are marked with weight and length. You would need to check them to be happy to stay overnight as none have liability insurance! In Bonaire the moorings are for less than 55 foot yachts and you cannot anchor. Curaçao would be fine though and many more of the Caribbean Island have roomy bays with no restrictions.

    Was it easy to sell DA?

    Look forward to seeing you in 2 year’s time!

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