Tour Of Curaçao

A lovely little air-conditioned car, rented from Hertz, took us around the island yesterday.

Crocodile Behind Bars!

We wanted to visit the Hato Caves, near the airport and the Ostrich Farm, then the beaches on the north-west coast. Traffic was a bit heavy to start with but the lack of road signs and names made it an interesting time map reading. In the end we navigated by Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and McDonald’s!!

Brown Female With Black Male

The ostrich farm was great with a really good tour and information about the huge, highly inquisitive birds. They had a lot of character! The biggest surprise was that they do not bury their heads in the sand. All they do is put their ears to the ground to hear approaching danger. At a distance it can look as if they are actually burying their heads in the ground but it is just an optical illusion apparently.

Ouch - Feathers Pulled Out For Calcium

Another fact was that they pull out and eat their own tail feathers, using the calcium to make the egg shells. One ostrich had almost half the feathers missing but that was because another female thought it better to eat someone else’s. Not a bad move!

400 Pounds Of Ostrich Eats 4 Pounds A Day

We were able to hold and stand on an egg, feed some of the birds and we learnt a great deal about them. The guide has brought up most of the ostriches and they don’t see him as an enemy, so when he went into their enclosure the male just did a defensive ‘dance’ instead of kicking him to death! They run at 50 mph and kick straight ahead, if you get caught out!

Defending By 'Dancing'

Rob then had an ostrich burger for lunch. They have evening meals with an open fire, similar to some in Africa. All in all, a good visit.

Fire Pit For Evening Gatherings

Next we somehow found our way to the Hato Caves and had another good tour. Both places only cost a few GBP to visit, well worth it. The fresh water pools inside the caves, the bats and the indian trail were all interesting.

Formations Inside The Hato Caves

Tomorrow we are checking out and should be in Bonaire again by Saturday afternoon. Against wind and swell, so could be a bumpy trip, a good taste of what is to come when we head east to Grenada next month.

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2 Responses to Tour Of Curaçao

  1. Peter says:

    Interesting new navigational methods!! bet you were stuffed by the time you got to the ostrich farm?
    Sounds like all’s well out in Curacao (how is that pronounced?)and as usual a great informative blog, thanks Rhian.
    best regards,
    I note you have passed the 60k hits on your blog page too, well done.

  2. Rhian says:

    Hi Peter

    Hope all is well with you and the family.

    Yes, all going well for our second hurricane season. Now back in Bonaire after a lovely sail back from an uninhabited island called ‘Klein Curacao’, where we spent the night after checking out on Friday. Will update the blog soon!

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