More Fishy Pictures!

Just for those interested, posting a few more of our photos. We only hired the camera for the day, so these will be the last, I promise 🙂

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  1. Peter says:

    Life in the Aquarium!!
    what a wonderfull planet we live on, such a shame humans are mostly intent on destroying it, I took my daughter to Chester zoo last week as a birthday treat and I was shocked to read how many species are now endangered, some seriously due to mans intervention in their habitat, I hope someday to follow in your footsteps and show her the world before its too late. Conservation is so important that we retain wonders and creatures can live in their natural habitats, your photos prove that something is working in some areas, long may it continue.
    By the way,as a first attempt with underwater photography you are doing very well, the original files must be good as they look good on the internet after uploading, well done and thanks for sharing.

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