Forecasting Calm To Sail From Bonaire to Grenada!

Leaving has been postponed a day or so due to the calmer weather starting on Saturday but continuing through to next week.

Forecast For Next Monday - Blue and Green = Calm

The Grib File can be advanced through 3 hourly snapshots of wind speed, direction, wave heights and swell, precipitation etc. and is very easy to interpret. It is looking good for a few days from this weekend, a long period of calms and different wind directions which will enable us to either motor in the right direction or meander through the islands to our east, the Aves, Los Roques and on to La Blanquilla. La Blanquilla is 240 miles from Bonaire and Grenada is another 230 on from there, so a good half way stop.

It has been raining a lot during the past couple of days, so we expect to get wet on passage. Luckily it is still over 30 degrees and we will be in our swimming gear! Just putting a rolled up towel, to act as a dam, astern of the front water tank inlet, has filled it. A huge bucket is also full of rain water, some 20 litres, so I can do some laundry today – if it stops raining long enough to dry it.

Whilst we are all waiting to leave, another trip to the ‘At Sea’ restaurant took place on Tuesday, we had a brilliant Mexican Train Dominoes training evening on Monday on ‘Nemo’ and Wednesday was our final burger evening at the marina. We have time for another supermarket run this morning and a pizza out with everyone tonight. It’s all go here! Tatoosh is still berthed on the big town pier, looking stunning against the sunset.

Another Lovely Caribbean Sunset

We have full tanks, freezer full of meals for the possible 6 days at sea and have been saying goodbye to Gio’s. Rob is happy with the delayed departure as he has the excuse to keep going back to Gio’s!

Gio's Decorated For Hallowe'en

The choice is great, with Snickers, Oreo Cookie, Strawberry Cheesecake etc etc. Too many choices and it all tastes delicious 🙂

The Choice!

I am just listening to Chris Parker’s Webcast and he warned those in Bonaire to seek protection by tomorrow evening, due to the possibility of squalls and a reversal from the west. Perhaps we should leave tomorrow to avoid that mayhem.

We will be sorry to leave our new diving friends on Tranquility, Tango and Coho but that is the way of cruising. We all travel, meet up here and there, sometimes never meet again but stay in touch. The community is friendly here, the island is very easy to settle down in and we have had a great time.

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