Our new neighbours on ‘Tatoosh’ have provided endless numbers of people with a chance to see a mega-yacht with a helicopter, racing yacht and motor launch on the decks. I guess they get used to being gawped at!

Hot Tub In the Stern, Helicopter on Deck!

Apparently she is owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and is for sale if you have a spare 160 million. The helicopter started up the other day but didn’t take off. One of the crew was assigned the task of holding down the jet skis.

Racing Yacht On The Side!

Inside there is a cinema, gym, hot tub etc etc. All very well maintained too of course, by 30 crew. I’m more of a stick and rag fan, rather than stink pot but for a motor boat, she isn’t bad 🙂

Motor Launch On The Other

Other entertainment has been the displays of walking on water, right next to our boat, with a jet ski providing the power to feed lots of water into a tube attached to a small platform with 2 boots fixed to it. Then it is just a matter of balance. The few we saw trying it got the idea quite quickly and one was obviously the expert, as he could do somersaults mid air and take his girlfriend for a ride.

Impressing The Girlfriend!

Yesterday we went to a beautiful dive site called ‘Forest’ on Klein Bonaire with Lee and Cindy from ‘Tranquility’. It was magical. The dinghy ride was a bit bumpy but well worth it. Awaiting us were 2 huge French Angelfish and we saw lots of different fish, including 4 lionfish unfortunately. We report our sightings to the dive shop so they can have them hunted. Lionfish is popular on the menus now! The water was crystal clear and the ridges and valleys in the reef make it a very special dive site. I saw a pea sized black blob with pale spots and the book identified it as a post larval juvenile trunkfish, one of my favourite fish.

Another Day, Another Dive

Today we topped up our Digicel SIM, so we have another couple of weeks WiFi on the boat. It works out far cheaper than buying drinks in cafes and is more convenient. We are checking the weather mostly and still don’t see a good window for going east, so we are waiting …. Peter and Sue arrived from the UK yesterday and will be sailing on ‘Nemo’ to help deliver her for our friends. We are looking forward to meeting them and doing some diving before we both head off together.

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