Diving Again

We are making the most of our last few weeks in Bonaire, diving as much as we can. After this we will need to pay out for organised boat dives a lot of the time as other islands either have different rules or the sites are a long way from the anchorages.

About An Inch Long!

We also hired an underwater camera yesterday and took photos during a 90 minute dive in the morning and another of an hour in the afternoon. Surprisingly, some of them were quite good!

Lionfish - Pretty But Very Deadly

We encountered 4 lionfish at the Andrea II site whilst diving with our friends Ken, Judith and John. These are not native to the Caribbean but are thriving as they have no predators. Organised kills are helping keep the numbers down but seeing so many yesterday was a worry. They can breed at a ferocious rate and decimate a reef in no time.

White Sandy Seabed

The site is pretty due to the white sand stretches amongst the coral, giving it a wintry feel.

Christmas Tree Worms

The camera was impressive, easy to use and the macro option made it easy to take the close ups. With so much to see, we took hundreds of photos and some video. I think we will have to invest!


Some of the fish are those we see on every dive, such as the angel fish, parrot fish and damsel fish.

French Angel Fish

More rarely sighted are the frogfish and seahorses.

Parrot Fish

The regatta ends today and we have enjoyed watching the racing. Everyone is so friendly and obviously had a great time. One evening a long white limo went by the waterfront accompanied by scores of cars all flashing their lights and honking their horns. A guy was waving out of the sunroof in the limo. We later found out that 3 of the Bonairean team had won their classes at the World Kite-Surfing Championships, so the island was celebrating!

The Opposition - Curacao Competitor

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  1. Peter says:

    WOW!!!!,Great pics, what an amazing creature the Lion fish is, and yes you will have to invest, although you can get underwatercases for a lot of cameras these days, Nikon used to do a model called the Nikonos which was a great underwater camera but not sure whether its still available or called something different, I’m sure there’s lots available, look forward to the next batch, I hope you are saving all your pics safely so you can look back on them later in life.
    what’s the saying? Its the Good Life!
    great blog as usual.

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