Bonaire Social Life

We don’t often talk food on this blog but we had the most excellent meal last night with Ken and Judith from ‘Badger’s Sett’! Not only did the food look amazing, hence the photos below but it tasted superb and the service was first class.

Tuna Two Ways - The Starter

The little syringe held balsalmic dressing and Rob was tempted to take it home for using to pipe caulking on the teak, as you do!

Beautiful Main

The restaurant is called ‘At Sea’, just south of the Customs dock, so we left our dinghies there in the care of the 24 hour a day security guard, not that you need it here.

Seven Chocolate Desserts For Me

During Regatta Week we had a parade of boats and plenty of live music to entertain us until 0300, whether we wanted it or not 🙁

Water Parade - Regatta Week

At least we don’t have too far to dinghy to get ashore, as we are still moored outside Karel’s Bar, which has the main dinghy dock for those on the moorings. Keeping dry and tidy when you are going for a night out is sometimes a challenge and I am often in a hurry, with wet hair and the exhilarating dinghy ride doesn’t exactly style it in the way one would desire.

Before The Dinghy Dash

Other than that we are still diving daily, doing some boat and domestic chores and waiting for our weather window to go east. Rob is fitting a bigger, more powerful inverter to turn 12v into 240v to charge the laptop and possibly run the food processor. Perhaps he is hoping I might try to emulate ‘At Sea’.

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