10,000 Miles ….

Our log has recently gone over the 10,000 miles mark but as we put it in a few months after we got Beyzano, we are now well over that mileage.

Mission Control!

Quite a milestone really and the boat is still behaving beautifully, with no structural issues. The boat herself has probably done almost double that. Despite being in the Caribbean for nearly 2 years, the teak decks, hull and stainless steel are all in good condition apart from the splitting toerail under the cleats. We think being on board most of the time and never leaving the boat for more than a month, must help and we try to keep on top of all the maintenance. Getting paid help in most of the islands is no issue and a coat of wax on the hull certainly protects it from the sun and salt.

Our engine has done over 2000 hours now as well – long may it continue!

Sunset Behind Klein Bonaire

We have been watching the Grib files daily this week and a wonderful, long and calm period looks to be starting on Thursday. This season has been unusual with the predicted highly active hurricane season not materialising, so far, no serious wind reversals in Bonaire and no calms until now. The hurricane season has another month to run though and sometimes if there are no hurricanes early on, a big one can occur at the end, so we still need to be very careful.

Several boats should be leaving to go East with us but we will soon be out of visual range, then relying on the SSB radio to keep in touch. We may end up motoring the 400 miles if the forecast is correct and hope to stop at one of the islands for a rest and swim along the way. Having been on a mooring or at anchor since the end of July, a calm passage would be great as the mal de mer might kick in otherwise! An email weather report has been ordered from Chris Parker and we will also telephone him daily whilst on passage on the satellite phone, a great service. He runs a Webcast every morning, alongside his SSB broadcast and we have all been tuning in to those as well. There is a great deal of information available and we haven’t had any need to use the Navtex weather report receiving equipment on board Beyzano.

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