Still In Curaçao But Planning ….

We are enjoying the change of scene here and still have a lot to do before we leave!

Yup - Still Here!

This week we spent several afternoons swimming off the beach, getting the shopping bus a couple of times and visiting the nearby chandlery, took a trip into town to look around the Kura Hulanda museum and joined the cruiser’s evening on Thursday.

Museum Courtyard With 'Mother Africa' Sculpture

The museum is beautifully laid out in historic grounds and houses exhibits from the age of slavery in particular. I have just read ‘Twelve Years A Slave’, so seeing information about the horrific conditions millions of slaves endured emphasised the account in the book.

Artwork in the Sculpture Garden

The entrance fee was 10 US$ and included a cup of coffee or tea in the shady cafe. It was well worth a visit and is only a 5 minute walk from the Queen Emma Bridge.

Shop & Cafe Area

Just after we reached the Punda side, over the pontoon bridge, it was fully opened to let in a huge ship being pulled in by a tug going astern metres from the bow. Quite a sight!

A Tug At The Bow & One At The Stern For Brakes!

There are several restaurants around the lagoon in Spanish Water. ‘Norman’s’ is by the dinghy dock, ‘The Pier’ is just along the road in the pretty complex of wooden, thatched huts where the dive shop is located. They lay out a very long table on Thursdays for a cruiser’s meal, which was spicy chicken pasta in a creamy sauce this week. With 2 drinks, it cost about 15 GBP and it was good to meet a few more fellow sailors.

We are still checking the zyGrib files for a suitable weather window to return east to Bonaire but want to fit in a 2 tank boat dive and a day tour of the island before we leave. This week we sat down and wrote out a plan of where we would like to sail to during the next few years as it is easy to miss the right time of year to go to certain countries and before you know it the years have flown by. We want to get to Guyana and Suriname one autumn, leaving from Trinidad. We also plan to visit Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, staying in the Rio Dulce for a hurricane season before sailing on south to Panama, the San Blass Islands and Columbia. The East Coast of the USA north to Maine for another hurricane season, is another trip on the wish list, so these plans are already adding up to several more years in the Caribbean.

We now have loose plans to 2017 I think, before decision time – go through Panama or sail back to the Med? That is certainly the big question but can wait!

Next year, as with this year, our plans revolve around having friends over to sail with us. Late November, late January and Easter are already booked for 3 fortnights and we are looking forward to seeing everyone for some diving and sailing around the BVI, Grenada and the Grenadines.

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2 Responses to Still In Curaçao But Planning ….

  1. Wendy says:

    Good to know all is good with you both. Strangely we only looked at you blog today to see if we could work out you plans for next year, and there you are you put a list on the last blog for us.
    We are back in Chesapeake now after going up to Maine, it really is beautiful and such a contrast to the Caribbean. Chat soon

  2. Rhian says:

    Hi Wendy

    Good to hear from you and glad you had a good time in Maine – will have to swop notes when our paths cross next season. What are your plans?

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