Birthday Celebrations!

Rob had a day of being deservedly spoilt this week, for his birthday.

Despite the heat, which tends to turn any cake mixtures to liquid before you get it in the oven, I did make a marble cake which turned out fine! Getting up early and baking whilst it was still reasonably cool helped.

Early Morning Baking Pays Off!

We then spent most of the day in town, visiting the Maritime Museum and having a leisurely lunch overlooking the harbour. A big cruise ship was docked, bringing over 2000 passengers into Willemstad but it wasn’t too busy.

Palm Lined Road To The Maritime Museum

When we got back we opened the champagne which the couple on the catamaran in Carriacou gave us for saving their drifting boat and had Kir Royales to raise the toast. In the evening we took the dinghy to a lovely restaurant called ‘De Kleine Wereld’ and had a delicious meal on the waterside deck. In all, a great day.

De Kleine Wereld Restaurant

Locally we walked to the nearby beach, leaving the dinghy at the bottom of our bay at Johny’s house and wandered up to the old building on the hill, formerly a quarantine house where sick sailors had to stay until they got better or died. Nobody was allowed into the island before being checked. From one side of the bay we could see the masts of those in our bay but it did look odd, as if they were locked in the land.

A Ketch Next To Our Boat - Looks Strange!

We have also been swimming off the beach on the channel into Spanish Water as it has a white sand beach and crystal clear water. Between 0700 and 2200 you can moor on the long pontoon, next to the small marina and it is deep enough alongside for yachts. Lots of people bring coolbags and stay the day, so next time we will go better prepared.

Today we are using the free supermarket bus to get a few things so we can chill out for the weekend and have a BBQ. It is very hot lately and when the wind drops it can be very sticky. We met some soldiers, just getting off a dutch naval ship in Bonaire and one commented on the heat. He did have full length uniform on and a huge backpack but we said he would get used to it. They are stationed in Bonaire and Curacao for 4 months, not a bad posting!

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