Tour Of Bonaire

We hired a couple of scooters yesterday, cost 25 US$ for the day and headed off early, with Richard and Rowena from Galene.

Freedom - No Helmets Required!

It didn’t take too long to cover the miles but there were museums and a National Park, which will need more time to see properly, so those are for another day.

Bonaire's Salt Production

We started by driving south, passing the huge mountains of salt on the SW of Bonaire. Nearby were the sad sight of the slave huts, used to house those working on the salt pans but I am not sure how many poor men had to cram into the tiny huts, just big enough for me to stand inside at the highest point. There was a small window and a hole for the door, which you had to duck under and that was it.

Slave Huts - Car For Scale

Around the island are large obelisks, painted different colours and used to signal to the ships collecting the salt in days gone by.

One Of Many Obelisks Around The Coast

The landscape is quite desolate with lots of cactus, goats, donkeys and a few flamingoes. The fences are made of cactus in most places and you can see why.

No Need For Barbed Wire On Bonaire!

The windward side of the island was quite rough as it was a very windy day and on the beaches it was sad to see a lot of plastic, tossed ashore from the sea.

The Windward Coast

We headed around the coast to the eastern side, to watch the windsurfers on the beautiful shallow Lac Bay. Another day we will spend a bit longer as the inviting bar was very welcoming and seemed a good place to chill out.

Nice Relaxing Spot For A Day's Chilling

Further north was Rincon, the old town and capital. We found the distillery, using cactus to make liqueurs, rum, whisky and vodka! It is a tiny operation at the moment with just 1 still but it had a lovely garden and play area for children and free tasting. Again we didn’t have time to stop and do the historical tour or visit the museums, so will return in the future.

Cadushy Distillery In Rincon

Driving out of Rincon, we finally got close enough to a couple of flamingoes to take a reasonable photo. The rest are apparently on the eastern side!

Just 2!

It was an interesting day, tiring but great fun!

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