Didn’t expect to have any inside information on the local hospital but Rob dislocated his shoulder on Saturday, for the third time.

It was all due to forgetting Physics. We were taking our tanks to get more air but the dive school jetty is very high. Whilst pushing up and back against the heavy tank, the dinghy went away from the dock and Rob toppled neatly into the water. I laughed for a while until it was obvious his right arm was hanging by his side and he staggered ashore in pain. The Dive Friends school were great, got us a taxi and helped us with towels and our tanks. I went back to the boat to get dry clothes for Rob and got caught in a heavy downpour, so brought some for me as well.

The Wounded Sailor

Soon enough we were dropped off at the hospital where 2 lovely ladies were sitting at the door, able to tell us exactly where to go to for help. The staff were great, no waiting at all and they did 4 x-rays, 2 Doctor’s visits and put the shoulder back in with a shot of muscle relaxant. The hospital was modern, clean and quiet. We paid up and were back on the boat in no time. For less than 400 GBP, it was well worth it and we got a nice new sling!

He isn’t allowed to dive for 2 weeks, bargained down from 3 with the Doctor and I’m already struggling to stop him doing things as he is so bored. Going to be a long 11 days ….

The previous day I went on the free shopping bus to the biggest supermarket on the island and it was well worth the trip. Fantastic range and quality of goods and they do a run on Tuesdays and Fridays. I am taking the invalid there tomorrow to cheer him up 🙂 If we can get him out of the dinghy and onto the high docks they have here. Only 3 places have ladders and that is a struggle too.

Today we did the laundry, again a free bus picked us up from the marina. The laundry is air conditioned with a big TV, had about 24 washing machines and 16 driers. Front loaders and top loaders if you wanted them, very clean place with a huge table for folding the clothes, big trolleys and drinks and WiFi available, although we couldn’t get the WiFi to connect today. The bus brought us back to the marina but it was shut, being lunch time and the gate to our dinghy was chained and locked! So, had to break in, climbing over a wall and around another locked gate. Last time I did that in Las Palmas, security turned up but not this time!!

We are hearing the same noisy parrots flying overhead, as we had in Trinidad but far fewer. They are still in pairs though and seem to be different colours but haven’t got close enough to be sure yet.

We made it to Gio’s Ice-cream parlour before the accident and can vouch for the amazing selection on offer. The Snickers one was great and they had an Oreo one as well, Rob’s favourite biscuit. It was icy cold inside, so they lasted longer than in Elena’s when the ice-cream melts down your arm in no time but they weren’t any better. They do coffee, apple or cherry pie and ice-cream plus some amazing birthday cakes made of ice-cream, of course. Something for Rob’s birthday next month perhaps.

The 2 dives we did manage to fit in before Saturday were brilliant, considering we literally just stepped off the back of the boat. It took us ages to get our gear on initially but slightly faster the second day. Under the boat it is about 5 metres but within a few metres it drops off sharply to 40 metres, so you can dive along the reef. There are plenty of fish just around the concrete mooring blocks though. Next time we need to go down with our fish ID charts, so we know what we are swimming with and hopefully we will see some dolphins and Orcas, which have been spotted nearby.

Badger’s Sett arrived today but were the last of 4 boats arriving together so they ended up on the last mooring, not far from us, rather than having any choice. Galene came over for drinks on Saturday, Coho today. Its all go on the social scene and its burger night at the marina again soon.

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