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Only 10 more days left in the UK but the sun is shining and we have had a lovely week in the Lake District and Aberdeen.

Owen Graduating!

We drove to Aberdeen having been in Portsmouth the previous day, so almost the length of the UK in 2 days! My youngest, Owen, has been at the University in Aberdeen for the past 4 years and despite us leaving him half way through his course, he was conferred with a First Class Honours in Computing Science. In fact, our 3 sons have achieved 2 Firsts and a 2:1, so we are unashamedly proud of them all 🙂

Traditional Celebrations

The 500 year old University is naturally mindful of tradition and the ceremony was in Latin, with the audience being taught the anthem beforehand. They also laid on a lovely reception with champagne, Pimms, cupcakes and a band. Typically British. Camilla, wife of the Prince of Wales, is their new Chancellor but she didn’t attend this time so Owen didn’t have to learn to bow as well as everything else!

Let the Champagne Flow!

Following a delicious meal at The Stagedoor we had to sadly leave Owen and head south for Windermere. We haven’t spent much time in the Lakes, so it was a good opportunity to see the spectacular scenery.

Sunny Day In The Lake District

We have been lucky with the weather but although it is sunny, the temperatures are still not making more than 20 degrees, a good 10 down on what we are now used to. Could be worse though!

View Across Windermere

Rob just checked the St Lucia weather and it is 30 as usual but ‘feels like 39’. Too hot! We think about Beyzano every day and check the NOAA site for any likely tropical storms, not that there is anything we can do about it.

Wast Water

The next 4 days we are meeting up with lots of family and friends as we don’t plan to be back again for over a year.

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2 Responses to UK Travels

  1. Peter says:

    The Lake district on a sunny day, how lucky are you two? brings back fond memories, Laura and I honeymooned in the Lakes 24 years ago and it is as stunning a place to visit as anywhere given the right weather, so thanks for that, hope you are both well and am sure you are both looking forward to getting back to BeyZ all tucked up and keeping her head down, fingers crossed she will keep out of trouble whilst you are absent. We look forward to reading about your next adventures, possibly venturing further afield???In the meantime enjoy the rest of your stay in the sweltering UK, unbelievable really, but being the UK we all know it won’t last.


  2. Rhian says:

    Yes, the Lakes were wonderful, as was Hay-on-Wye – in fact everywhere looks better in the sunshine!

    The blog should return to more sailing info soon, with our trip to Bonaire coming up and weather being a big issue. We need to be there or south of Mayreau by the end of July.

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