We are happily back in the water, following a slight delay (as expected of this boatyard!) on Friday.

Final Preparations For Re-Launch

Whilst waiting for the yard to launch us, we cleaned the decks and most of the teak was treated. Vision and Vincent were both waiting to work on the boat but I guess they are more used to ‘Caribbean Time’ than we are. The new sign for the stern was made for us by BetaPrint in Gosport and they did a great job. We have added ‘Swansea, Wales’ as well as moving the position of the sign away from the stern steps as it was getting scratched whenever we used the dinghy.

Cardboard Stuck To The Paint!

Once Beyzano was put onto the transporter, it became obvious the yard had moved the props too soon last month and the cardboard they put under them was stuck to the hull. Hopefully it will come off in the water and this time they used plastic for the couple of hours she was on the transporter.

Nearly There! With Mr Universe's Help!!

She was soon lifted up by the 2 straps, one of the crew posing underneath and in no time we were checking for leaks once she was afloat. It is always a lovely moment to feel her bobbing about again 🙂

New Sign Nears The Water

All was well, so we motored off to J dock for the 6 new Trojan batteries to be fitted and the 3 huge AGMs were taken out. Over the last couple of days the remaining 2 in the system were both getting red hot, so the replacements are just in time. Vincent from Regis Electronics fitted them all by end of business at 1630.

Clean & Lovely Again

Yesterday Vision turned up but we were moving docks, as J is right on the road and cars with loud reggae music kept us awake right through the night. We picked up just 280 litres of diesel to fill both tanks on our way past the fuel jetty and are now on D dock until we leave for Bonaire. The last time we bought diesel was in Trinidad last October.

Nice Marigolds For A Very Dirty Job

Rob finished the teak, the protective wax was washed off the hull before polishing and all the smooth white parts of the deck have been polished too, so Beyz is looking lovely again. We got a new Merlin smartguage battery monitor, as it doesn’t need a shunt to work but there is still an issue with the way the batteries are linked, something else to sort out soon.

We signed up with weatherman Chris Parker (for 10 custom satellite phone calls over a year plus 2 day forecasts) and keep checking the weather. Hoping to get off to Bonaire on Thursday first light but the final decision will not be made until Wednesday. We are both looking forward to our longest passage since December 2011.

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