Glorious Weather!

For once the UK is hot and sunny – lucky us!!

Sunny Afternoon For Family Gathering

We met up with over 50 people during our stay and were fortunate to have lunches and evenings sitting in their lovely gardens. Although we were never avid gardeners, seeing such wonderful flowers and vegetables has made us miss it a bit. Just have to remember that for most of the year it is cold and raining and not be seduced by the rare sunshine!

Shaking Herself Dry - Dixie!

In Hay on Wye, 11 cousins and my aunt met for a great day, ending with a walk along the river. Dixie was glad to cool off!

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

Returning to Portsmouth almost 2 years since we sailed out of the harbour and off on our adventure was great, again in the sunshine. We went back to our old home, Haslar Marina and realised we haven’t seen that many boats in one place since we left.

Brilliant Firework Candles

Whilst travelling around the UK, we missed checking the NOAA site for a couple of days so by the time we did, the Tropical Storm ‘Chantal’ had already gone through St Lucia. Guess it was better not to have known as we would have worried about Beyzano but reports came back to say there was minimal damage but the airport was closed and we assume people had to go to the shelters. Just glad we weren’t there but when we get back on Tuesday we will be checking the hurricane sites at least twice a day and are signing up with Chris Parker, a weather forecaster, so we can telephone him on the satellite phone whilst we sail to Bonaire. The trip will take 3 days and we need to be very careful.

Pebble 'Beach' Along The Wye

We have enjoyed our 4 week stay, especially seeing so many family and friends. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to see everyone we wanted to, which is a real shame but in the future we may have to take other cruiser’s advice and book a hall somewhere and organise a gathering instead. Making new friends whilst sailing means we have even more people to visit when we get back now! One evening was all we had to spend with some of our children, definitely not long enough. We also managed to sort out a lot of admin whilst we have been here but still haven’t got our full US Visas, so that waits for another year.

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2 Responses to Glorious Weather!

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    We are really pleased that there is a webcam at the marina in Alghero so we can check on Nimrod! I suspect that you’ll never get round to seeing everyone. Glad you’re having a good trip.

  2. Tony & Sian says:

    Rob and Rhian,
    Here’s hoping there’ll be plenty of veg-garden time for you should you still want it in the years to come. Right now it’s great that you’re both back to something so special that you’ve made happen. Which many aspire to but aren’t lucky or brave enough to bring to life.
    Safe winds and we’re thinking of you.
    Tony & Sian

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