Back On Beyzano

Happily Beyzano was just as we left her and not too dusty, nor damaged by TS Chantal which went through St Lucia last week. On leaving we had to pay for a taxi to bring the customs official about 200 metres as we were in the yard. Laugh of it was, if we had been berthed in the marina on E pontoon, the walk would have been further. Rob was not impressed and refused to pay the 20 US$, offering less! Glad I wasn’t there 🙁

On arrival we had to use the Red channel to declare our boat parts to Customs. We had an itemised list with the receipts attached and a case containing just the boat related purchases. They then telephoned Customs in Rodney Bay and we had to get to their office by 1630. Fortunately our taxi driver knew a backroad as Castries was sealed off for Carnival!

As usual, we were heavily laden, with 4 huge hold bags and 2 trolley bags for cabin luggage. We had to use a trolley at the airport but typically Caribbean, you are not permitted to wheel it out of Customs, needing a Porter to take it out of the door, some 2 metres. Rob wasn’t impressed again – seems 4 weeks away and he forgets what it is like here! Anyway, we were soon back in Rodney Bay and the lady I now know very well in Customs was happy with our organised list and didn’t bother to look in the case.

Beyzano was a little dusty but nothing more than that. Even the birds seemed to have left her alone in our absence. We changed the watermaker filters, unpacked a few bags and made up our cabin but were getting really tired, having been on the go since before midnight St Lucia time.

It was good to see so many people in the UK and we were sorry we didn’t get time to catch up with all those we hoped to. Next we have to get the boat ready to sail, sort out the new batteries with Vincent at Regis Electronics, find Vision who is polishing the hull and we will treat the teak decks. We splash on Friday at 1000 all being well and the yard have already moved the boat in front of us in preparation, so it looks likely to be done!

We have now been travelling for over 2 years and will post a report on the state of the boat and us shortly.

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