St Lucia Tour

Instead of missing the tour with Tony and Jane, we just turned off the solar panels and left the boat for the day!

Marigot Bay

Very glad we did as we had a brilliant day. The taxi was only 27 GBP each for the entire day and Didi took us to the places we were keen to visit. Our first stop after driving through Castries was the rum distillery near Marigot Bay. Although there are several rums in St Lucia, we hadn’t realised they were all produced at the same place. Bounty, Marigot Bay and Chairman’s Reserve are 3 of our favourites!

One Of Our Favourites - Spiced Chairman's Reserve

The tour was excellent with an airconditioned video room to start off, then a guided tour of the distillery. As they are big sponsors of the Carnival, there was also an exhibition of costumes and it seems we will be back in time for Carnival in July. Some of the costumes are huge but they use supports on wheels to take some of the weight.

Carnival Time!

It finished at a long bar, stocked with all their rums and you are left to taste them at your leisure.

Tony At The End Of The Tasting!

We bought some rum at the shop as it would be rude not to. For less than 25 GBP we had a bottle of spiced Chairman’s, Coconut Rum and Coconut Cream Rum (for cocktails) and 2 bottles of red wine. Excellent value and cheaper than the supermarkets, which isn’t always the case.

In Heaven - Tony & Rob

Next stop was lunch at the amazing Dasheen Restaurant at Ladera Resort. It overlooks both Pitons and is just stunning. Good lunch which wasn’t too expensive and plenty of time to take in the view.

Pool At Ladera Resort

We didn’t have dessert because we knew Hotel Chocolat’s resort was just over the road and we also wanted to visit there. Again the view was lovely and the chocolates were to die for! Iced chocolate shots and a plate of chocolates and pastries to share were the perfect dessert.

Hotel Chocolat

They have a chocolate coloured theme throughout, a modern infinity pool and great little villas in the grounds to stay at.

The Pool Next!

Next we drove to the hot muddy stream by the sulphur springs and awaited our bucket of mud to smear all over ourselves. It was quite an experience! Very hot water straight from the springs and an enthusiastic man helping to smear the mud. We wondered if he even worked there πŸ™‚

Steaming Muddy Stream

There were showers and changing rooms on site and we certainly had lovely soft skin afterwards. Can’t say we looked 10 years younger as promised though!

On the way back to Rodney Bay we stopped in Soufriere to look at the church. The monument said it all.

When The French Ruled St Lucia

Some of the buildings are impressive, or were. The one next to this was almost derelict, such a shame.

Old Colonial Building In Soufriere

Once back at the marina we met up with our friends on ‘Nemo’ and ‘Magpie’ for a leisurely sundowner and pizza and home made ice-cream at Elena’s. Always delicious. Both the Ocean Club and Starfish have closed down as they are relocating but our favourite 2 are still going strong – Cafe Ole and Elena’s. Thank goodness πŸ™‚

Today we are awaiting the yard workers to move the boat onto her props and tie her down, as she is still sitting on the transporter. Then the electrician should arrive to look at the batteries and we will start preparing the hull for touching up the antifouling. It is far cooler than in Trini, so we are quite comfortable and the showers are clean and empty. The water is cold first thing in the morning but I’ll try them tonight as well, in the hope the water is heated by the sun. Not many, if any, others are living on their boats currently, so we have the place to ourselves.

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