Getting Ready For Haul Out

Tomorrow by this time we should be safely ashore, propped up and with tie downs in each corner of the boat.

Main Sail Off - Sail Bag Getting Rinsed In The Rain!

It has been very gusty here lately, with several tropical waves moving through the region. We had a great week out in the bay, socialising with our friends and had a wonderful meal on ‘Nemo’ the last evening before coming into the marina. ‘Magpie’ joined us and we made it not only past ‘cruiser’s midnight’, i.e. 2100 but also past the real midnight!

The only downside in the bay this week was the number of naked men. Too many rather than too few. In fact in 2 days I saw 5 naked men! Not always the prettiest sight either, I’m sad to say!! The fact it is illegal in many islands, including this one doesn’t seem to matter to them but in Bequia you are given a leaflet which mentions that the locals are offended by topless sunbathing and nudity, so they request cruisers respect that.

Now berthed for just 2 nights, we have taken down the sails between gusts, washed all the cockpit cushions and lines, cleaned the bottom of the dinghy and kayak and packed them away, defrosted the freezer (it actually was empty when it broke down, so it defrosted itself!) and have started sorting through lockers and cleaning all the bilges.

I am glad we don’t have too much to do this year, as we only have a few days ashore before flying back to the UK. One day we are doing an island tour with new friends on ‘Capiche’ and another we are spending in the Rendezvous Hotel for our wedding anniversary. We stayed there almost 7 years ago, so thought it would be lovely to return.

We already have some workmen lined up to wax the hull, fix the freezer and help us sort out the split toerail. We are also getting a new ‘Beyzano’ made for sticking on the stern as the old one has started to peel off. Apart from that we hope we have nothing more to do other than cleaning and then leaving the boat as we did last year, with lockers open and matresses lifted for the air to circulate during the 4 weeks we are away.

Still Looking Good For 12

Rob showed me how to service the generator and change the engine filters and oil. He has shown me before but it is so interesting that I just forget immediately after 🙁 I did try to redeem myself by saying how beautifully clean the 12 year old engine looks!

We are hoping living on the boat won’t be too uncomfortable as it isn’t as hot as Trinidad but they don’t have air con units to rent here and the yard is very dusty. There are new showers, which I will report on next week and we can use the marina pool and showers also. Many people book into the hotel opposite the yard whilst ashore but we like being on the boat if we can and it encourages us to start work early instead of having a lazy breakfast in the hotel!

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