Bye Beyzy!

Finally she was tied down!

Bare Decks

Everything was stripped off the deck to reduce windage in the event of a storm and we left her to fend for herself for a month. The flights went smoothly and for some unknown reason we got the use of the nice lounge at the airport. In no time we were in the hire car and trying to start the engine. Eventually the instructions were read!!! Apparently it would only start if the handbrake was on, the gear was neutral and the clutch was completely depressed. Every time we get back the technology moves on 🙁

Gardens at Whitehall

Found the socks, jeans and jumpers and settled back into UK life. It is almost 2 years since we left Haslar and we notice the good things about the UK first, so the lack of junk along the roadsides, the neat fields, choice in the shops etc and then the bad things, especially how noisy and expensive it is in London! When in the Caribbean we appreciate so much there too – definitely seeing the best of both worlds.

Dad's Head Office

We are in London this weekend seeing 2 of our sons and our future daughter-in-law. Usual round of stockbrokers, IFAs and solicitors as my late father’s estate is still not finalised but one of the meetings was in Fenchurch Street where dad used to visit his old company’s head office and of course Beyzano is Part 1 registered. My son also works in Fenchurch Street now – strange how family connections run through the generations by chance.

London Eye

I do love wandering around London as there are just so many stunning buildings and gardens with history on every corner. Today we are visiting the Aquarium, as if we haven’t seen enough water and fish!

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