Boat Fixing

Although the hull didn’t need much work, the mid cleat on the starboard side did.

Cleat & Toe Rail Repairs

Jeremy on ‘Blue Chip of Cowes’, another 473, had the same problem. It results from expansion of the circular alloy blocks the cleat sits on. This time we have removed the cleat, filed down the blocks and then used epoxy resin to fix the splits in the teak toerail back in place. In the future, once it starts to split again, we will need to replace all of the alloy blocks under the 6 cleats with nylon ones and possible replace the teak sections at the same time.

Stupid Locker Cleaned Out

The stern locker was definitely the culprit for leaking into the stern and we could see the gap between the hull and locker when Beyzano was lifted out. It is now cleaned out and Rob sealed in a new bronze through hull fitting, about 4 inches long. It has a cap to keep water out but we can leave it open to drain any water coming in over the lid. In the end we decided not to seal it up completely.

The Three Parts For Fixing The Stern Locker

We had the AGM batteries tested and 1 had given up, despite only being 16 months old. It seems they are more tender than lead acids, something to note! The electrician told us not to bother replacing all 3, as most people do, as the batteries are reasonably new. A new one is about 450 GBP, so worth taking the risk this time. Lead acids are cheaper but we would need 4.

Having used our windlass for hundreds of anchoring lifting and lowerings, it stopped when we got ashore as well. Not bad timing, I thought, as we will be on a mooring for 3 months in Bonaire but even so, Rob wasn’t having a good day that day! We met ‘Nemo’ and ‘Magpie’ last night for a meal and all recounted stories of failures of supposedly marine equipment, plus the huge expenses. One of them had just paid 450 US$ for a piece of exhaust hose. Still cheaper than being in a house though, we have to remember that ๐Ÿ™‚

Watching all the work being done on ‘Unicorn’ to turn her into a new bar and restaurant, we don’t feel so bad. She was in a complete state but it is good to see how she is progressing. A sign says ‘Opening Soon’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Unicorn Being Renovated

The boatyard still haven’t got us tied down and time is running out, as we don’t want to leave the boat before she is safely secured. Not impressed so far, having been left in the transporter for 2 days initially, then no tie downs for a week and finally being told every day, it will be done tomorrow. They have placed us in an area without enough concrete anchoring points, so need to sink some new ones but there is no urgency it seems. We spoke to the manager today and have told him that we won’t be insured if we aren’t tied down and he needs to sign a document to take responsibility for all losses, including housing us when we get back if the boat is written off! Perhaps the Rendezvous?

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