Ashore Again

Beyzano was safely lifted this morning and we have a stunning view of the marina from the stern.

Nice View For Working Ashore

Yesterday the riggers checked and tensioned the rig for us, Vision put a layer of wax on the hull and Prudent came along and fixed the freezer which had been affected by issues with the wiring. They were all excellent.

One In The Rigging, One Inside, Plus Vision!

It was windy again when we had to move into the lifting bay and as we went in bows to last May, we got ready with lines and fenders on the starboard side, to do the same again. But as we neared the bay, one of the workmen patted his behind and I gathered he wanted us to go in backwards! So Rob ran around the deck moving everything to the port side and I realised just how much the boat was being pushed sideways by the wind.

Straps Sinking For Lifting Us Up

By heading straight for the huge concrete piers either side of the bay at speed, we were pushed sideways enough by the wind, to be lined up when we reached the bay. The bow thruster was brilliant at keeping the bows from being blown off too far and into the downwind pier and Rob quickly threw the stern and bow lines to the workmen. Job done.

High & Dry

We arrived just after 1000 but by the time they had unloaded the previous boat from the lifting crane and got back to us, it was almost lunch time. At 1200, no matter what, it is lunch. We had ours suspended in the crane waiting for the pressure washer man to do his stuff. Our job was to scrape barnacles and I’m glad to say we had very, very few this time.

Weed Where Antifouling Has Rubbed Off To Primer

The Seahawk Island 44 Plus antifouling is working well and you can see where it has worn off because weed and barnacles immediately attach. The bow and base of the keel seem to have lost most antifouling, for some reason, so I’ll need to paint an extra couple of layers on this time. Otherwise we will just touch up the patches and then do one full coat.

Far Better!

The prop has benefitted from special antifouling too. Last year it was covered in weed but this year it is far cleaner.

DIY Bridge

Once the pressure wash had taken off the small amount of slime the yard got a low level hauling machine and took some time and care dropping the boat from the big hoist into the props of the smaller one. It was nearly 1430 by now, so we went off for a break across the marina using the pull-it-yourself floating bridge.

Transferring To The Smaller Trailer

We got a new fitting for mending the leak in the ‘stupid locker’ on the stern and on our return found Beyzano backed up to the fence overlooking the marina.

Tonight though we found a new and potentially dangerous issue. There was a strong smell of bad eggs, which we thought may have been the heads but then the carbon monoxide alarm went off and we discovered that 2 AGM batteries were red hot and hissing gas. Lucky for us we are in the yard but instead of going around the island tomorrow, it looks like we need to seek help to solve the over-charging. There is always something on a boat!

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