Record Passage To St Lucia

We beat our previous times from Bequia to Rodney Bay by 3 hours on a very quick passage, especially between St Vincent and St Lucia.

Go, Beyzy, Go!!

The wind varied from almost nothing behind the island, to 30 knots and for a long time we were racing along at over 9.5 knots and still had 2 reefs in the main! It got so hairy, that we donned lifejackets and clipped on, as at that speed and in large swell, a man overboard would have been more problematic than usual. I managed not to do any involuntary screaming this time!

Heeled Over But Not Too Tippy!

As we approached the Pitons the setting sun tinged the sky pink and later on we heard Elaine’s voice on VHF Ch. 16 asking how we were and where we were as they were expecting us after midnight. In the event we were soon motoring past ‘Nemo’ and they were still on deck to wave a nice welcome.

The Pitons At Dusk

Now cleared in, with a great meal in the Jambe de Bois already enjoyed with ‘Nemo’ and ‘Magpie’, we have done a food shop and are making preparations for hauling out on the 4th June. The weather is still unsettled, with tropical waves affecting the area, so we are all staying put and I’ll give Elaine a short shopping list for Martinique for when they go during the next month, as she kindly offered.

We heard tragic news yesterday, the details of which are still unclear. It seems a motor boat was speeding through the anchorage and a swimmer was mown down and killed. Rumours abound but I am not going to repeat any as they may be incorrect. I do know that accidents have happened in Rodney Bay before and the jet skis and speed boats are certainly a great danger. A letter compiled on behalf of the cruising community was written to the authorities in January but I am unaware of the outcome. Even when checking our anchor we take a bright blue ‘noodle’ floating tube and one of us circles the other in the dinghy to protect them.

So for now we are thinking of the victim’s family, as well as those in the UK following tragic events there. Sad times.

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  1. Peter says:

    Great Photo of Beyz at speed, the teaks looking nice too! what great conditions.
    Hope you are both well, and what a wonderfull life.

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