More PADI Open Water Coursework

We have now completed all our Confined Water dives, even the dreaded mask off and swim around for a bit before replacing and clearing it has been done!!

Water In - Just Don't Breathe In Through Your Nose!

I am still sitting on the boat every morning, pouring salt water into my mask and clearing it. Just have to keep trying until I feel more comfortable about it.

And Out - Deep Breath and Exhale Through Your Nose!

The theory is taking a while, with 6 sections, most of over 100 slides followed by a set of questions. The topics vary from the type of equipment to choose and how to care for it, to first aid for ‘the bends’. I have been making notes and up to the end of Section 4 I have a word document of 30 pages.

Busy Reading Club - Ages 3-13

We took some time off at the weekend though, with a few hours at the Fig Tree, helping with the fortnightly reading club for local children. It was also painting this time. Great fun!

Rob Assisting The Young Artists

Miranda from her laundry of the same name, picked up our washing from the boat and did a great job for half the price of Suds in Rodney Bay! That is definitely something to remember next time we are here.

Beyzano has been in the same spot for 10 days now and we may move to the south of the bay for a change of scene and to be by the lovely white sand beach. We still haven’t got round to hiring a scooter to explore the island, nor hiked over to the fort, nor taken the bat and ball to the beach! Don’t know what we do all day but there isn’t enough time!

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2 Responses to More PADI Open Water Coursework

  1. Greetings from So. CA. I’m the crazy lady that was learning to dive with you in Bequai the end of April. We have been traveling for nearly 12 years as House/Pet Sitters. We talked briefly about living abroad and I admire what you two have done. Though we do not have a boat, we do love the Caribbeans and I’m going to watch your adventures here. Happy sails to you…

  2. Rhian says:

    Good to hear from you Susie and hope to meet up with you again somewhere in the Caribbean. We should make the US one year once we have our full visas sorted out. Happy diving 🙂

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