Sun At Last!

Finally the sun is shining! Beyzano is in the marina but straining at her lines in frustration, so we are anchoring in Rodney Bay later on before heading to Bequia overnight on Wednesday.

Let Me Go!!

The marina is pleasant with a swimming pool, lovely restaurants, good food and a great dinghy dock but it isn’t as breezy as being at anchor and I like to swim off the stern.

Easy Dinghy Dock at Rodney Bay Marina

Sadly, Dave and Louise have brought their flights forward by 6 weeks and return to the UK on Wednesday. Sailing in the Caribbean isn’t for everyone, as it can be windy and rough and we could not guarantee that it would be calm. Unfortunately the rain discouraged Louise from the start, so we never left the dock.

Cafe Ole - Great Coffee and Internet

We do most of our internet work in Cafe Ole, which has a long table against the wall with 6 plugs, so you can keep the laptops charged up. You have to bring your own computers though. We try to nab the table next to another 2 plugs and are sitting there now πŸ™‚ Other than that, they have a decked area with a few more tables, overlooking the boardwalk and marina. Nice place.

Our son, James, has just announced his engagement to his lovely girlfriend, Gisella. We are delighted and look forward to the wedding next year πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Sun At Last!

  1. Peter says:

    Goodness me!!! I can’t believe dave&louise are not giving it a chance, Beyzano looks in pristine condition, and raring to go, are they not sailors? a little rain shouldn’t dampen one’s hopes, i used to teach skiing in italy and I wouldn’t come home if it rained or the snow wasn’t up to much, if you love a sport you know it will improve and tomorrow’s another day, I can’t help thinking what a wasted opportunity to spend six weeks on a great boat with two lovely people, I wish I could take their berths, but I know that won’t happen.
    On another note, are you anywhere near Martinique? or due to visit in the near future? I may have a task for you!!
    Best regards, on with the next as they say!

  2. Peter says:

    p.s. Congratulations to James and Gisella, what a fairy tale, James has found his own Disney princess to marry, wow, what a wedding that’s going to be.

  3. Rhian says:

    Yes, we plan to be in Martinique mid-late May, so could help you but depends on your ‘task’ πŸ™‚

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