Next Guests

Dave and Louise arrived on Wednesday but since then it has rained almost constantly!

This Morning's View

We are still in Rodney Bay Marina and managed to get a dry hour yesterday at the Boardwalk Bar for their first Caribbean Rum Punch.

First Rum Punch At Sunset

Our dinghy floor repair didn’t hold, despite using the manufacturer’s patch and glue. Fortunately there is an Avon centre here and the floor is currently with them for a professional fix. We will see if it holds. Otherwise we may have to shell out for a hard bottom dinghy, which most people have here.

Approaching The Pitons Last Week

We are checking the weather as we hoped to go to Martinique this afternoon but it would be good to have the dinghy intact beforehand. Sunday also looks good to go north and as Dave and Louise are with us for 6 weeks, we have plenty of time. They haven’t sailed since last summer so the first trip would be better as a smooth one.

Rodney Bay - Off Fort Rodney

Rob just downloaded some photos from his camera, so including those although they should have been in earlier posts when Steve was here.

Sandals Resort Rodney Bay

The new fruit and vegetable boat is looking amazing, with a new thatched roof and beautifully laid out produce. Smokie (or could be Smokey) has done a great job.

Rodney Bay Fruit & Veg Boat

So, for now we are chilling out, dodging the rain and deciding what to do next!

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2 Responses to Next Guests

  1. Peter says:

    Nice, 6 weeks in the Caribbean, and with Hot Water!! Well done Rob getting that tank sorted with what looks like in the nick of time, great job.
    Have to hand it to you Rhian, you are an amazing blogger(if that’s the right term?)Keeping your site very much refreshed with text and pics of your almost daily adventures surely a cruising guide to the Caribbean is on the cards, because you obviously enjoy writing it has to be a possibility?
    I wish Dave (or is it Curly)and Louise a happy time with you, I’m sure they will absolutely love it being on Beyzano.
    fair winds to a happy ship, it can’t rain for six weeks can it? U/K I would say yes it can, Caribbean, surely not!!

  2. Rhian says:

    Still raining today, so that makes it the 4th day!

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