Hot Water Tank Replacement

Well it is done!!

Old Tank Still In Place With Divider Section Cut Away

We decided not to replace the leaking hot water tank, as we had friends arriving on Wednesday but a brilliant carpenter called Tyson, together with Rob, got so enthusiastic about the challenge that they went ahead without a thought for the consequences! For one thing, what if we couldn’t get the parts we needed? However, Island Water World had a direct replacement in stainless steel, so we hope it will not rust like the original.

The Space!

So, as usual there were a few issues. Firstly, the boat had been built around the tank and it was too big to get out of the space. Secondly, the screws holding the tank in place were under the bulkhead. Thirdly, we found that the connectors are now male rather than female. Why do manufacturers keep changing things!!

Wood Moved To Get To Screws

Basically Tyson cut a long section out of the divider between the 2 stern cabins. We intentionally had this longer than the tank, so in future it will be easier to get the battery out. The bulkhead over the screws was also moved so we could release the rusty old tank. It was incredibly heavy but Rob somehow managed to lift it up and we moved it step by step out of the boat.

The new one was much lighter and after cleaning all the old rust and rubbish out of the base of the cabin, fitting all the new cables and new connectors, it was in place and working! The water pump no longer ran every 5 minutes, we weren’t pumping the bilges and wasting water. We were back in business.

Shiny New Boiler

When I left for the airport to meet Dave and Louise, the contents of the stern cabins were spread all over the saloon, I hadn’t been able to cook or clean and there was sawdust everywhere! Not the way I like to welcome guests at all 🙁 Tyson came back after I left, made an elegant cover for the hole from the original piece and Rob then cleaned up and sorted out the entire boat, including making up the guest cabin. He told me later that he had just finished literally as we turned up! Lucky Hewanorra Airport is a 3 hours round trip.

Guests Arriving Shortly!

This was a major job and we had been dreading it but in the end it wasn’t so bad. Just bad timing!!

Farewell Old Rusty Boiler

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