Have had an enjoyable but all too brief stay in Port Elizabeth and just cleared out for another 113 EC$, the overtime payment! It is far more cost effective to stay the allowed month.

Something To Avoid

Steve and Rob have walked the entire length of the bay, we have snorkelled on the reef and stopped at the beach bars and restaurants along the way.

Rob - Check Out The Beautiful Water!

Last night Steve treated us to a delicious meal in the lovely surroundings of Jack’s Bar on the beach next to the anchorage. The lobster soup and mahi mahi was perfect but despite the bar being comfortable and stylish, we were the only 3 diners. Perhaps it is coming to the end of the season but the waitress did say they were busier for lunches and had had their best season. The recent security issues may mean more cruisers are just staying on their boats after dark.

Sunset At Jack's Bar

The mobile barge operated by Daffodil is still motoring around and will provide you with water, diesel and ice plus take the laundry. Early morning deliveries of bread and croissants are pricey but save you the trouble of getting ashore and locals often pass the boat holding up lobsters for sale.

Useful Boat Service

The air-conditioned store run by Doris, in the road behind the waterfront road has an incredible range of goods, including Starbucks filter coffee, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, fresh milk, Lindt chocolate and Chelsea buns.

Whilst I was snorkelling a graceful ray glided past but I was glad it just continued on by. I also saw a snake but it stayed on the bottom and left me alone as well. We had heard some of them are poisonous.

Stay There!

We intend leaving at around midnight to give Steve a few hours of night sailing and to arrive at the Pitons during daylight for a coffee stop.

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