Beautiful Bequia

I’m not sure what it is about Bequia but it is always a joy to be here.

Sunset In Bequia

The colourful sand strewn lane behind the waterfront is full of delightful little shops, produce stands, bars and restaurants. Good quality clothes, trinkets and glassware can be found and there are bookshops, model yacht studios and supermarkets to browse. Last night we had a sundowner in Tommy’s, overlooking the bay and as locals walked past on the path just below they all looked up, said ‘good evening’ and smiled.

Tommy's Bar Bathed In Sunlight

A few local children were swimming off the dinghy dock in their underwear and having a great time. Others were preparing the youth sailing club dinghies to sail around the bay. Sea faring is inbuilt on this island and their long history of whaling is not difficult to find in the museums and bars.

Starting Young - Bequia Youth Sailors

It is now officially going into ‘off season’ with the ending of lobster catching at the end of April and some of the local yacht related services closing down. There is still plenty going on for us and the bay is just getting quieter. We were here in late May last year and all the shops were still open as thousands live here and it is a vibrant island.

Whale Bones Archway

As we finally realised it was Saturday, Rob and I had a rum drink known as a Painkiller during happy hour, when the large cocktails are less than 2.30 GBP. Not too strong either!

Saturday Night!!

Looking up to the hills surrounding the bay, a couple of houses are right up on the top and at night they seem to be lights floating in the sky as you can’t see the hills at all.

Whale Bone Bar Too!

Today we are having coffee in The Fig Tree and catching up on mails after 5 days absence but later on Graham and Chrissie from ‘Eowyn’ are coming over for a leisurely afternoon’s BBQ. We met in Rodney Bay and they cruise here full time too.

Colourful 'Pizza Hut'

David and Caroline on ‘Peat Smoke’ are joining ARC Europe to return to Scotland after completing the ARC, then the World ARC. We spent New Year 2011 with them, a memorable evening. It was great to see them again in St Lucia, still married (their words not mine!) with the boat in one piece and we wish them a safe passage back to the UK. The same goes for our Danish friends, the Salling Family on ‘Moana’ who leave next month for home with their 3 children on board. Fair winds and kind seas to you all.

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