World ARC Arriving

Whilst in Tyrrel Bay we spotted ‘Matilda’, a yacht who also did the ARC in 2011. They spent a month in St Lucia before heading off with around 30 other boats on the World ARC. Amazingly, they have just started to arrive back in Grenada having sailed more than 25,000 miles around the globe and that included 3 months in South Africa for Christmas and New Year. After a week partying in Grenada, their final stop and prize-giving is in familiar Rodney Bay, St Lucia and we will be there at the same time, so hope to meet a few more of our old friends from ARC 2011.

Sunset From The Grenada Yacht Club

We caught up with Matilda’s adventure over drinks and give them our warmest congratulations. It is a fast pace to see the world but they were happy with the time they spent in the different locations and had a great time. They thoroughly recommended the rally, especially for the easing of the admin and customs burden in various ports, plus the support and friendship of fellow participants. We might consider using the World ARC in the future, just for the leg to Australia and after 2014 the rally will be an annual event.

Port Louis Marina Across the St George's Lagoon, Grenada

We saw them again, together with a few more arrivals in Port Louis Marina on Saturday. We had a great meal in the Grenada Yacht Club, which overlooks the marina enjoying grilled chicken with pineapple, savoury rice, fried plantain and salad. The meal only cost 7 GBP which was excellent value for the huge plateful. I asked the bar staff to make a weak rum cocktail as some of the drinks are so strong you can barely stand up after just the first and that isn’t good!

Rob was very concerned about some long legged birds which seemed to be asleep in the nearby bush. He thought they might topple over!

Black & White Birds Sleeping!

After a more gentle but still rolly night on a mooring buoy in St George’s we motored around to Mt Hartman. It is so much quieter than in July, due to the mass exodus to the States and there is plenty of room to anchor. We dinghied around through the tiny passage in the reef this morning to watch the Grand Prix but the big news of course, for me, is the amazing win yesterday, with Wales thrashing England (my dad’s favourite phrase! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) 30 – 3 at rugby, stealing the 6 Nations from England in the last match. Rob is English ๐Ÿ™‚

Plenty Of Room To Anchor In Mt Hartman

It is 31 degrees here every day the next week or so, bit breezy to keep us cool and I will be interested to see how Steve copes with the extreme change in temperature when he arrives from the UK on Wednesday, bless him.

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  1. Peter says:

    Good Morning Grenada,
    Just as you rise, having a stretch on deck making sure all the hatches are open to let the cool breeze in, the smell of breakfast wafting gently around, the sun already beating down, wavelets gently lapping the shiny hull, !!!!!!!!!!!!!my turn now, pull back the curtains, brush the condensation aside peer out to see 4inches of wet slushy snow and force 6-7 winds from the east blasting through, ah’ there goes the snow plough and gritter, again! get the porridge on, is school open?can we get the cars up the drive?shall we stay in bed, better make an effort, ahh the pleasures of springtime in the U/K, what are your plans for today?

    Just thought I’d let you know what your missing!

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