Guest Allowed Into Grenada – Just!

Steve duly arrived on Wednesday but our first glimpse of him was without baggage and being escorted out of the arrivals by a uniformed officer. Oops, we thought – wonder what he’s been up to! They just needed to know the exact location of the boat, as our letter had only stated that he would be leaving Grenada with us and that we would remain responsible for him etc etc. Not sure what would have happened if we hadn’t been waiting but assume a phone call would have been made to confirm. He is clearly not the kind of individual they want remaining in their country 🙂

Safely In The Water Taxi

After that, a 15 minute taxi ride and he was in our ‘taxi’ on his way to a much deserved cool drink. Although he is keen to do ‘nothing’ we have already taken him to the cookery class at True Blue Resort, learning to make chicken roti and ginger beer. Omega and Esther are still on good form, entertaining and educating us with the added treat of tasting everything they make.

Steve Up For Seconds!!

This week they had an extra dish, of chocolate cake – delicious.

Friday was a trip to the ‘Fish Friday’ and a drive along the west coast past some interesting villages, plus the gas and oil depot and the only landfill site on Grenada. We made a stop at one of the numerous tiny shops along the way where the 5 drinks cost us 4.50 GBP! The lady running it was great fun too, a friend of our taxi driver, Shademan.

Not Sure About That One!

Fish Friday was a much smaller affair than the one in Barbados with about 10 stalls and one band but it was fun to see all the people milling about and enjoying the huge variety of food, which cost very little. Lobsters were halved and grilled, there were all sorts of fish, along with fried plantain and bread, coconut bread, baked cou-cou (made of maize flour) and skewers of fish and vegetables.

Shademan's Bus!

Saturday morning Rob and Steve got the weekly bus to the bakery and market in town and had time to visit the fort as well. I joined 6 other cruisers to help out at a local reading and maths school, another ride up into the hills. 30 or so children come along each Saturday to have some extra attention with their reading. We also played chess and scrabble and did times tables. Been a few years since I had to do those but it was a great experience and wonderful to see how much education is valued. It is the key to their future and the children are very dedicated. I listened to Whitney reading and she was very advanced with her vocabulary at 11 years old.

Saturday School

An organisation in the UK has just donated a pile of brand new children’s dictionaries and everyone was very excited and grateful for them. They currently operate from one of the teacher’s garages but are hoping to move into a special building after Easter once the final work is complete. They can only progress the building as funding is raised, so it has taken a very long time.

At Mount Hartman Bar

All afternoon we just chilled, swam and had a BBQ on the boat. I made a rum punch which turned out to be a bit strong, with the result of the men falling asleep in no time! Whilst they slept I took some photos of the hull as we had washed the salt off with a vinegar solution and it was looking quite shiny, so much so, you could see the bay in it!

The Bay In Beyzano's Hull!

Today we are taking the dinghy to Hog Island to Roger’s Beach Bar, a famous location amongst cruisers, for the weekly beach BBQ. Tomorrow we have a full day tour so I’ll report on that later in the week. On Tuesday Steve and I share our birthday and Rob has booked us into the beautiful Cave Hotel, just across from the boat. We have wanted to look inside it since last July and now we have a good excuse.

Me - Messing About In The Dinghy

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2 Responses to Guest Allowed Into Grenada – Just!

  1. I do wish you would stop showing off your shiny hull!
    Trust you are well.
    Cain’s in hospital in Martinique with a colon infection…ouch!
    Steve & Helen

  2. Rhian says:

    All well with us thanks Allegrini but sorry to hear about Cain. Not a bad place to be ill though! Hope you are both still on track with your plans – soon be summer xx

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