Floating Hotel Arrives in Grenada!

We sailed through the swell today to arrive in St George’s for the wind to ease and the swell to lessen.

Jambalaya in Tyrrel Bay

Although it was wonderful to be back in Tyrrel Bay and anchored next to ‘Jambalaya’ again, the huge Atlantic swells have been making their way into the leeward coast bays throughout the chain and Tyrrel Bay was no exception. The boat rolled and rolled for 3 days and nights, with high winds too. Probably the most uncomfortable few days we’ve had on the boat and that includes the Atlantic crossing!

Lush Interior of Grenada

So we were glad to leave at 0640 and make the 6 hour sail with the wind behind us today. Using just the genoa, we were doing up to 6 knots and were soon in St George’s. The seas were rough around Kick ‘m’ Jenny and we had to miss the underwater volcano exclusion zone but it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t catch any fish, yet again but one did pull on the lure until it got away. The last one bit the lure in half, so we aren’t having much luck!

We have our friend, Steve, arriving on Wednesday, so stocked up on food at the Foodland Supermarket in the harbour, the one with the dinghy dock. The shop assistants help load the bags into the dinghy as well, so it is another great place to stock up on heavy items.

Port Louis Marina from the Yacht Club

The harbour is much quieter than back in November with the marina almost empty. It is still a beautiful place and the Carenage is stunning in the late afternoon under the golden sunlight. There is brilliant WiFi in the Grenada Yacht Club and the drinks are cheap and the view over the marina is lovely.

Empty Superyacht Berths at Port Louis Marina

Tomorrow we sail around the headland to Mount Hartman Bay where the water is incredibly calm and we can clean the boat up. The small marina is easy to get into, with electricity and water for topping up, plus the supermarket, bakery and tour buses all pick up from there. Steve is going to be a great excuse to do some island tours at last. We listened on VHF Ch. 68 this morning and the familiar businesses were announcing screening of the 6 Nations Rugby matches on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. Looks like we’ll be busy this weekend! Coming back to Grenada is like coming home these days 🙂

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