Watermaker Fixed?

Mathieu at Caraibes-Energie in Marin has emailed to let us know the watermaker pump part has arrived from America and we can pick up the pump this week. Just in time for our first guest 🙂

So, we are sailing back to Martinique on Thursday when the wind lessens and turns more south of east and the swell drops under 2 metres. We are going to try the new lure again and hope the yellowfin tuna we caught last time wasn’t a one off. The cruiser’s radio net announced a customs strike this week but the marina office has been helping yachties leave St Lucia by copying our clearing in papers. We can now leave as planned and will just have to tell the french officials that we had no option but to take the advice here before departing. Should be OK!

After re-installing the pump we really hope that the whole system fires up and we can make water again. We haven’t actually missed it as we have been near a marina and cut down on our consumption but it is much nicer not to have to think about where we need to sail to for water and how many showers we can have!

Rodney Bay is busy with jet skis and hobie cats from the hotels, a cruise liner anchored up and shuttling passengers to the national park on Pigeon Island and the usual fruit sellers doing their rounds. One hobie cat went by and asked us the way to London! Another crashed gently into us earlier and none of the 4 aboard knew how to sail in the slightest. They were desperately trying to head directly into the wind, bless them. We suggested having the wind on the side of the dinghy either way might help and off they shot. Hope they managed to slow down again!

Other than that, I am settling back into life afloat, preparing for 9 weeks of boat-guests and made a huge quantity of chilli con carne in Mr D’s Thermal cooker this morning ready to freeze later on. We had a BBQ with our friends Graeme and Christine from ‘Toots’ on Sunday afternoon, Rob doing a brilliant job – he didn’t burn a thing! The weather is lovely and I had brought back a bottle of Pimms from the UK which just had to be opened – you need plenty of long, cooling drinks out here and I never did like lager or beer.

After a short stop in Martinique we will head south quite quickly, as we need to be in Grenada by the middle of March and want to check out the Tobago Cays on our way.

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