UK – Cold & Wet!

A brief update just to say that I am back in the UK for a short while and not enjoying the freezing temperatures and sleet that much!

As in previous visits, I have arranged meetings all over the place as it is too tempting to sort a few admin issues out whilst back here. I managed to keep a couple of days free but that is all.

It has been a sad and emotional time once again with a funeral, burial and an old friend’s death on Friday but the silver lining is spending time with family and friends. It is those we miss most, despite my love of cheese on toast and chocolate eclairs! Honest 🙂

Rob is looking after Beyzano and just as well. He sent me a text to say the boat next door had sunk! Nobody was on the boat and it flooded, with around a metre of water inside causing a lot of damage. Must have been a faulty seacock I guess. Makes you think though.

I shall fly back to St Lucia on February 21st and take back the usual supplies and toiletries which we can’t get in the Caribbean, a bigger ensign and some DVDs. Fortunately our friend, Steve, is joining us in March and can take a lot of the heavy items with him!

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