Gleaming Beyzano!

I am back in St Lucia after a flight which seemed a lot quicker than the one out to the UK. Not overly impressed with BA’s breakfast of a cellophane wrapped muffin this time though! The view over the Pitons as you approach the airport is breathtaking and the taxi run through the rainforest is also spectacular and a good way to see the island.

Leaving Rob for 16 days, during which time his second Kindle developed screen ‘issues’ and his laptop’s charger emitted sparks, gave him little to do other than scrub and polish every inch of the boat. He also paid our friend Vision to apply awlgrip polish on the hull. She looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

Tropical Display

He also arranged flowers for the dining table. They look lovely but don’t smell of anything, which is unexpected.

After the neighbouring boat sank, ours also started leaking and Rob spent a few days searching every dark corner for the source. The bilge pump coped perfectly well but you never know when a small leak might progress into something dangerous, so it had to be found. In the end it was what we call ‘the stupid locker’, the one on the stern platform which is always full to the brim with water, weed and mess and all 473 owners we have met agree it is totally useless.

The Offending Locker

Rob fixed it with a temporary repair with a long bolt with a large washer on the end and sealed with a large quantity of silicone sealer. He left it for 10 minutes to skin over and then pushed the bolt up through the skin fitting so it sealed on the outside. He then put another washer on the top and bolted them together but when she is out of the water again in June we can fix it properly. He found a few items during the searching, including a bat and ball set, an old fishing rod and reel but no cockroaches. Still happily free of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Disgusting Useless Leaking Locker!!

The trip to the UK was for yet another death of close family and this was very poignant as it means my niece is now without both her parents. I had been named Guardian in my sister’s will of 2004 and the solicitors confirmed that it still stood despite the recent will of her widower. As he had remarried last October, he wished my niece to live with her step-mother and so I needed to be sure that my niece’s wishes were taken into account and that she was happy with the situation. Rob and I were more than willing to return to the UK to look after her, as her welfare is paramount and far more important than our sailing. In the end, she is happy to remain in the environment she has known for many years, in her school and with her friends. She knows we will always be there for her and is surrounded by people who love her. She has been amazingly strong throughout these awful months and we are immensely proud of her. She loves turtles, so I hope we can have her out here swimming with them before too long.

Sian and Me

Friends here have been looking after Rob, with meals out and on their boats and last night we were in the Jambe de Bois once again! Lovely evening and we were the last to leave. Earlier I was swimming and counting my lucky stars that I have left the UK before the next snow falls. I heard they were predicting temperatures of -11 degrees this week. It is good to be back!

A small boat came along yesterday and anchored incredibly close to us despite huge empty expanses in the bay. You do wonder why people think it is a good idea to be in close quarters but they did move when we pointed out we had a lot of chain out and would definitely be hitting them if we swung at all!

Bit Close!

It is 2 years to the day since my mum had her stroke, followed by dad a month later. It has been a difficult time for our family and I hope that for the first time in 2 years we can follow our dream without a background of heartache and uncertainty.

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6 Responses to Gleaming Beyzano!

  1. That locker what a pain had exactly the same thing with ours! what did Beneteau say it was supposed to be used for, fresh lobster?

    Trust your both well.

    Steve & Helen

  2. Malc & Nikki says:

    Also know what you mean about the stupid locker. We found recently that we had left a bung in th bottom so it was overflowing, and a mess! Out of interest how was the water finding it’s way in, what it a join from the locker to the hull? All the best, malc and nikki

  3. Rhian says:

    Hi – there seems to be a gap between the locker shell and the hull and we think either the plastic through hull fitting was cracked somewhere between the hull and locker, into which water was leaking and then into the boat. Or, as ours sits so low in the water, the locker always has a couple of inches of water inside and it could be leaking around the top nut of the through hull fitting. You can’t over-tighten the nut as it distorts the bottom of the locker, hence we had to do a temporary seal.

    We need also to stop water getting into the locker from the lid so when the boat next comes out of the water we will fit a new bronze through hull fitting, make sure it is sealed well with either a blanking plug on the end or a stopcock, then we will take the hinges off the locker lid and seal it in place. No great loss as a locker!!

  4. Rhian says:

    If only we could catch a lobster!! Hope you are both doing well – we are fine thanks x

  5. Al and Molly Hyde says:

    I have been thinking a coating of bottom paint in the locker and along the bottom 3 or 4 inches of the “transom” might be helpful with respect to recurring maintenance. Awaiting your elegant solution.

    All the best,


  6. Rhian says:

    Hi, Thanks for your comment. We added 5 coats of hard white antifouling to the bottom 4 inches of the transom and this has worked well. We have seen other 473s with a stainless steel plate along the bottom few inches but it didn’t look right to us – fussy!

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