Caught Our First Tuna!

We are back in Rodney Bay having had a very fast crossing from St Anne’s in Martinique.

Whilst in Marin we saw the boat lift, which we often anchor near, in operation for the first time. It didn’t take too long and the party boat was back in the water, hopefully whatever was wrong having been fixed.

Huge Boat Lift in Marin

After clearing out on Sunday morning and paying another 5 euros, we anchored in St Anne’s again. Sadly we couldn’t go ashore as we had cleared out but we heard a number of marching bands consisting mostly of drummers parading along the village streets. It would have made a good spectacle but rules are rules!

We set off this morning before 0730, avoided the fish pots as we left and were in Rodney Bay by 1130 despite slowing the boat down to reel in our very first tuna. It was a reasonable weight but it wasn’t alive as it approached the boat and we think it ‘drowned’, as we were going so fast still. It was a nasty job trying to gut and clean it whilst the boat was roaring along and I was really glad to get out into the fresh air again once it was in the frige! The spine and skin were hard to cut through but it is now prepared for tonight and we have another 6 fillets in the freezer.

Fresh Tuna For Dinner!

Our friends on Badger’s Sett are still here and we anchored next to them in the sand. Drinks tonight to catch up on everyone’s news. Tomorrow we have to head into the marina so Rob can clean the boat and tackle his task list whilst I’m in the UK. I am sat in my shorts sheltering from the sun and heard there may be snow again soon in the south of England. I will definitely bring a pair of jeans back with me this time!

His last boss at Belron, Jo, emailed round the photo of Rob in the new hammock to his old colleagues, just to let them know what ‘a really difficult and tough life he has these days’ 🙂

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