Still In Martinique

The anchorage is so nice at St Anne’s we have stayed here!

View Of Anchorage From Shrine

There is plenty to do nearby and the bus into Marin only costs a pound each way, enabling us to check on the progress of our watermaker repairs. Sadly, no progress as they couldn’t get the right part locally and now need to source from the USA.

Just Testing It For Friends!

The bus trip was easy and cheap, with a couple of buses an hour. The tourist office next to the Marina Office in Marin has the timetable. The buses are new and air-conditioned and you get to see a little of the countryside.

Beautiful Red Tiled Church

We also spent a few hours wandering around St Anne’s, trying to avoid the tempting clothes shops but did decide to get a hammock and more snorkelling equipment for our guests. To the left of the church is a lane leading up to a low walled path, which snakes up the hillside.

One Of Several Shrines Along Pathway

At each turn is a shrine and at the top a larger one and the climb is worthwhile for the views too. A goat is tethered to keep the grass down and Rob decided to give it some bread. Big mistake! It fell in love with Rob after that and as we walked away we could hear it bleating for ages, getting louder the further away we went.

Rob's New Friend!

We have had very sad news from the UK again. My late sister’s husband has also passed away due to cancer, leaving my niece without her parents before she has even reached her teenage years. Desperately sad times and our hearts go out to her. I will be getting a flight back next week but we need to sail to St Lucia first.

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