St Anne’s – Martinique

We are still happily in Martinique having sailed from Petit Anse D’Arlet to the huge anchorage off St Anne’s.

Diamond Rock - So Close to Martinique!

Passing Diamond Rock made us smile again, imagining the anger of the French when the British decided to use it as a ‘ship’ to fire their guns on the enemy as they tried to enter their own harbour. Being short of ships certainly didn’t stop us!

Waterfront at St Anne's

We had a lovely sail south but for the first time became a victim of the numerous fish pots off the coast. They are barely marked by transparent bottles and these just didn’t show up in the bright sunshine on the sea. Fortunately we saw it as it went underneath us, switched the engine into neutral and avoided it wrapping around the propellor. It did latch onto it though, before the rope cutter could do it’s job, so Rob had to dive down and free it with a knife. We took the sails down, laid out a fender on a floating line in case the boat started drifting away from Rob and over he went, very bravely I thought! One quick dive and it was done, luckily in calm weather.

Boulangerie - Delicious Baguettes

St Anne’s is lovely, lots of little shops and boulangeries for the morning bread and the one in the photo has a waterside deck for breakfast and free WiFi. At the head of the dock is a large bin and it is good to be able to dump the rubbish for free rather than pay up to 4 GBP in some places. Even in Grenada you pay 2.50 GBP. Here you can re-cycle too, which is a first for us in the Caribbean.

Church and Market Stall

There is so much space in the anchorage with the shallow shelf of sand and holding is good. White sand beaches are within a short dinghy ride or walk along the shaded trails and it is quiet and sheltered in the bay. There are no customs offices here so a visit to Marin or Grande Anse first is a must.

We are going to explore the town more tomorrow and then move around the corner to a quiet anchorage with very few boats to have a BBQ. Later in the week we should move into Marin again to speak to the engineer fixing our watermaker and visit Leader Price supermarket to finish stocking up the boat. It is still hot and sunny with a few showers to top up the tank. We have caught half a tank’s worth of water in the front awning so far and we now hope for rain!!

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