So, Into 2013!

New Year’s Eve was celebrated at the Jambe de Bois, on Pigeon Island with 6 friends from Badger’s Sett, Nemo and Salila.

Frozen Cocktail Menu Awaiting!

We started with drinks on Nemo for ‘Rumset’ at 1730 then dinghied over to the restaurant for a 5 hour meal and free champagne at midnight. Of course we had to raise a toast to the UK at 2000 for their midnight and then continued with a lovely meal and great company until midnight St Lucian style. The fireworks went up on cue and we drank to our second New Year in the Caribbean.

It was warm all night, as usual, so the ice-creams started melting straight away. Frozen cocktails instead of mulled wine and barefeet in the sand; quite different from our UK New Years!

Badger's Sett and Nemo - Our Neighbours

Several motor boats arrived late afternoon and rafted up in front of us. Definitely going to party all night long and sure enough, the music was still going at sunrise, when I took the photo. of them all. I slept from 2am through the beat, so must be used to the Caribbean Soca music now. It was a lovely day, blue skies to charge up the batteries! Everything is boat related 🙂

Party Boats At Dawn on New Year's Day

St Lucia has 2 holidays at New Year, the 2 January being ‘Recovery Day’ but the cafe is open and we are happily using the WiFi in Cafe Ole whilst awaiting an iced Mocha and Pain au Chocolat for breakfast. We Skype with the family at 0700 when the place is deserted and we get a great connection.

Happy 2013 Everyone!

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