Crime & Bad Weather!

2013 has started in dire fashion for many, with at least 3 dinghies stolen in Rodney Bay, 3 boats boarded in Bequia and high winds keeping everyone storm bound! Even the huge clippers are sheltering in the bay at the moment.

2 Clipper Cruise Ships Beyond the Anchorage

The Cruiser’s Net’s first category on the 0830 radio slot is security and emergencies, so we heard the announcements regarding the stolen dinghies. These were chained up but in the water, so we are glad we had our davits made in Trinidad last summer. We lift the dinghy without fail every evening, no matter how late we get back to the boat and then lock it with a chain strop. To ensure it is as difficult to steal as possible, we also use the outboard hoist as an extra lift and have several anchoring points to stop it swaying in the breeze. If someone wanted to take it, they would have to get onboard to let the davit lines off, otherwise the dinghy would crash down several feet and cause a lot of pain or damage.

Hopefully Secure!

Some people write the name of their boat on the dinghy but we were never comfortable with that. What better indication of the boat being empty than our dinghy ashore!! Instead, we just painted on the registration number. We have also installed an alarm, so have done all we can. If it is stolen, then I don’t think we can blame ourselves but looking around, there are far easier targets.

In one case, the owner paddled up a nearby creek at Gros Islet and found his dinghy! Another has been here for 30 years and said that this was the first item to be stolen from him, so he was not overly worried.

The weather can’t be controlled and everyone is staying where they are and awaiting the lull, forecast for the weekend. We are still hoping to get to Martinique and spend a few weeks there. It is blustery in the anchorage but we only have 1 anchor down and Beyzano hasn’t moved an inch in 2 weeks. It is the other people too, of course and many anchor quite close and only seem to drop a few metres of chain over. One night, we heard Peter shouting on our bow. A boat had come in at about 2200, dropped their anchor ahead of us and ended up within shouting distance, so he asked them to move as there was acres of space to the side of us and absolutely no need to anchor directly in front of us. If they had dragged in the night they would have hit us within seconds.

Someone on the radio net asked about the insurance for the numerous speeding jet skis which hurtle in and out of the anchored boats for fun. Sometimes they are dangerously close to boats, driven by children with adults sitting behind them and there have been accidents in the past. Our friends have been hit 4 times but said the jet skis are not insured!

Beyzano on Christmas Day - When It Was Calm

So, apart from all this excitement going on, we have been out socialising whilst waiting for the weather to improve. We went for a lovely dinner again at the Jambe de Bois, had drinks on Badger’s Sett, played ‘Taboo’ on Beyzano and are being taught ‘Mexican Train Dominoes’ tonight. This is the game they play in Grenada and Trinidad but we have no idea how, so Richard and Elaine on Nemo are our teachers. Thursday we plan a BBQ on Beyzano, if the wind has dropped a bit. No point in seeing the food blowing overboard! I also got to see the elusive ‘green flash’ when the sun went down but must say, it is very over-rated. I expected the whole sky to flash green the way people go on about it but it was just a small green glow around the sun!

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